Urban Outfitters Apartment

January 9, 2006

Urban Outfitters ApartmentLet’s face it, we are one generation of seriously spoiled peeps. Cassette tapes, movies on VHS, and IROC Z-28s are a thing of the past (thank God). iPods, high res flat screen monitors, diesel jeans, you know what matters in life, we’ve got it all. Especially, at least lately, good style. It’s everywhere these days. Even websites like Urban Outfitters have an ultra hip “Apartment” section featuring way cute items for your home. My personal favorites, “Your Dads Chair” (shown), in a soft Robin’s Egg Blue (also available in soft green) for only $500, and their entire line of throw pillows. Their retro sofa for $750.00 in rust is another must-see. I can’t help myself, I just want to sink down deep into that darn chair and flip through Domino magazine while listening to Michael Buble. Ah, the perfect lazy PJs-on-’til-noon, Sunday. Well, at least until I realize one can’t actually read anything in Domino magazine because it’s mostly advertising cool stuff I can’t afford… That’s why I love Urban Outfitters – it’s the baby sister of Anthropologie (same mother company), so they have great style, only a lot cheaper than it’s big sis. We also like something more when we can actually afford it.


  • Reply brent January 18, 2006 at 3:31 am

    That chair rules! It looks very similar to the Room&Board Grace chair but about $300 less. I wonder what the quality is like. I may have to purchase one to find out.

  • Reply decor8 January 18, 2006 at 6:59 pm

    Please do, and let me know! :)

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