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January 23, 2006

Music + DesignI‘m curious about what you guys are listening to. Music is such a massive part of my life. My husband composes techno and plays the piano and keyboard (hobby). I’ve written music for a few Boston bands and have a very musical family, but the only instrument I can play is my iPod. :) Okay, doesn’t count.

Music creates a definite mood in a space. It’s tightly woven in the fabric I call, “ultimate design”. After I’ve fluffed the pillows, washed the floor, straightened the art, adjusted the lighting… I carefully select CDs for the evening and load them into the stereo. That’s the final touch that a room with great design needs. Great tunes.

Music is moving, touching, it lingers… When I walk into a space and the dweller has on their favorite tunes, I can’t help but enjoy their little world even more. What do you play in your world?

Here’s what I’m listening to… (in no particular order.)

SASHA – Two CDs – Involver (I can’t stop listening to this) and Fundacion
ANGGUN – Luminescence – Import/French Pop
MADONNA – Confessions on a Dance Floor (one song rolls into another, great vibe.)
AMELIE SOUNDTRACK – Soundtrack by Yann Tiersen
ANNETT LOUISAN – Boheme – Import/German (sounds like a German Norah Jones)
FRANK SINATRA – The Very Good Years
NEK – Le Cose Da Difendere – Import/Italian Pop
SADE – Lover’s Rock
MICHAEL BUBLE’ – Caught in the Act (Live CD)
THE SMITHS – The Best of the Smiths, Vol. 1

Here’s to good design + good music!
(Photo: Various artists, all linked above for your listening pleasure!)


  • Reply susan schwake-larochelle January 24, 2006 at 4:10 am

    hey, holly, lookin in again …so it’s music so ok, i’ll bite

    no particular order ‘cept maybe color coordinated order by album covers..ah those were the days…

    hubert von goisern and the aplinkatzen “fon”
    ella fitzgerald and duke “stockholm concert 66”
    talking heads “remain in light”
    lisa loeb and nine stories
    elvis costello “blood and chocolate”
    paolo conte and dr. dixie jazz band amici
    high fidelity (soundtrack)
    penguin cafe orchestra “signs of life”
    squeeze “play”
    john coltane “giant steps”
    miles davis anything…pick a mood, go with it.
    michelle shocked “captain swing”
    jamiroquai “traveling without moving”
    astrid gilberto “girl from ipanema”
    anything by blossom dearie

    ok too much already …but when the going gets tough, i tune into toastradio.com — best radio wild mix anywhere!
    tell sometoast that modigliani sent ya. cheers!

  • Reply angela January 24, 2006 at 8:52 am

    oh music. sweet music.

    well, i could write a huge list here, but i’ll simply stick with what has been rotating in my office and work space as of late.

    james blunt
    deb talan [www.debtalan.com]
    samantha stollenwerck [www.samanthamusic.com]
    ella fitzgerald
    amelie soundtrack
    my own compilation cd’s of a few years ago
    david gray

  • Reply Michelle Caplan January 25, 2006 at 3:10 am

    OK-I cant just sit here! I must type to the beat . . .

    Death Ccab for Cutie-Soul meets Body (on repeat)
    Coldplay-Anything and Everything!
    Blossom Dearie
    Jack Johnson-In Between Dreams
    James Blunt-Back To Bedlam
    Madonna-Confessions on a Dancefloor
    Maroon 5-Songs for Jane
    Everything But The Girl-Walking Wounded
    Jem-Finally Woken
    Jill Scott-Who is Jill Scott? . . .vol1
    Marvin Gaye
    The Killers-Hot Fuss
    Zero 7
    Led Zepplin
    The Postal Service-Give Up
    Ray Charles
    Minus 8
    and Morcheeba.

    I cant live without music!

  • Reply brent January 28, 2006 at 9:05 pm

    Roisin Murphy (of Moloko) – Ruby Blue
    Si*Se – More Shine
    Bebel Gilberto – Tanto Tempo Remixes
    Goldfrapp – Supernature
    The Cardigans – Superextragravity
    Verve Remixed vol 3.

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