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Rock Scissor Paper

Yup. It’s me again with the paper products. When I spotted these vintage cool cards from Rock Scissor Paper, I had to share. Their whole retro vibe has seriously got it goin’ on. Groovy! Rock Scissor Paper is based in LA and owned by super creative sisters Heidi + Susie Bauer. I couldn’t resist the mod home cards or the crafty chicken.

Another must see: the pin sets ($6 set of 4) available in 16 different themes. I’m thinking, pop off the “pin” on the back and neatly hot glue one to a plain napkin ring holder and you’re ready to invite guests to your table. You’ll spot loads of stationary, photo albums, paper plates + napkins, gift wrap + tags, even panties! Not sure how the panties got thrown into the mix, but heck, they’re cute so I can’t complain. Shop online and get your stationary fix for the day.

(Photos: LEFT: Pin Set #1 BOTTOM: Crafty Chicken Card + assorted Modern Classics Note Cards. All from Rock Paper Scissors.)

Posted by decor8 in Stationery on January 25, 2006

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  1. Liza commented
    December 7th, 2008 at 5:13pm

    These are fabulous… thanks Holly!

    (ps – i think the date of the post is off… it came up 1/25/06 on my computer.)

    Lizas last blog post: Charlie Brown Would Love This

  2. decor8 commented
    December 8th, 2008 at 6:38am

    Liza – this post was written back on January 25, 2006 — did you click over to the archives somehow?

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