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Surround Yourself”, encourages Mike and Jennifer Tuttle from Inhabit. Upon viewing their collection of all things calming and very cool, you’ll want to locate your selections and enter the magic 16 digits that makes the uniformed man appear at your doorstep with shiny new boxes. Feel your body transcend as you click, “Order Confirm”. Heavenly. You’re about to surround yourself with many beautiful things, not to mention more debt, but who cares when one upping the Jones’ is to blame.

Inhabit’s website is easy to use, clean + uncluttered, and the collection flows seamlessly with no weird stuff thrown in that doesn’t fit their vibe. Inhabit features bedding, pillows, slats, bloks, placemats, coasters, and stretched wall art that matches their various collections. You’ll love Slats. They’re quite cool and all the rage right now.

With bedding that is modern and unique, and available in colors like Amber, Brown, Orange, Green, White, and Sky Blue, how can you not want to surround yourself with beautiful things from Inhabit? Shop online, locate a store that carries Inhabit, or request a catalog here. Free shipping on orders $200+
(Photos: SIDE: various product shots from Inhabit.)

Posted in uncategorized on January 23, 2006

IKEA [fresh new finds]

In the midst of sawdust, scattered tools, and very stressed out contractors stomping around my pad in dirty snow boots (shame!), I’m busy laying out paint swatches, fabrics, and cruising every website imaginable for furniture and accessories. Call me big picture.

Expectation: A tiny project of turning a three season porch into an art studio space/home office/guest bedroom would go quickly and flawlessly.

Reality: Harsh. My entire abode has morphed into a bermuda triangle of all things unclean. It’s a 24/7 construction site, with construction debris all over (I found insulation in my shower drain, of all places) and more eff words flying around than a DeNiro film. My floors are wet from snow. The sounds of hammers fill my day. There’s no end date in sight. But I’m keepin’ the faith. To quote Samuel Butler, “You can do very little with faith, but you can do nothing without it“.

As most of us know, having faith in our space always leads to shopping, and shopping almost always leads to IKEA. You can bet that I’m dreaming of the day when I can find a Billy or a Motiv or a Nordmyra in my space instead of a construction crew.

You have to check out IKEA’s juicy finds for Spring. My personal picks are: “Nordmyra“, a pretty blue seat with birch for $34.99, the, “Bettan Blom” pillow for $7.99, “Hallaryd” art for $59.99, “Bettan Trad” curtain panel for $9.99, and a killer chair, “PS Axvall” for $89.99 (looks like something from Design Within Reach). For glasses, don’t miss the sharp little cork/glass Paroll for $2.99 (could also double as a fun pencil cup; add felt to the bottom interior of the glass and circular felt pads to the exterior bottom), the Komedit glass for $8.99 (resembles red blood cells, yes?), and the very mod little Komedit cocktail glass in orange for only $7.99.

(Photos: TOP + BOTTOM: Assorted product shots from IKEA USA. All items linked above.)

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SHOW [and tell!]

I have a secret. Promise to tell all of your friends.

I recently spoke to Brad Cook at SHOW [LA] who revealed that they will be featured in the March issues of Domino and Architectural Digest. Can you stand it? I can’t wait, as both magazines top my favorites list and SHOW has great merchandise. If you’ve ever had the privilege of speaking with Brad, you’d absolutely love him and would share my happiness knowing that SHOW is is soon to get some major press action from the big boy glossies. In case you don’t know SHOW, they’re an uber hip shop in LA that carries everything a design junky would need to add a little frosting to their space. From lighting, to furniture, their stuff completely rocks. I know I’m gushing, but I love thier home accessories by designers hip haven, igr, urbana design, john derian, and cereal art, along with many other fresh gems. Jewelry, handbags, and wallets (great Jack Space merch) are also available for you to get your retail fix on, too.

Best of all, if you’re looking to purchase something you see on their website, and need some help, you can dial them up for service that beats any shopping cart. Brad will fully accommodate your request and even email photos of the merchandise to you. Who does that nowadays? Take these amazing mixed media pillows by Soft Service, for example. I called with an interest in them, and Brad answered all of my questions and offered to photograph his current inventory. He nicely arranged them all together and sent me a photo el pronto!

Note: decor8 usually features stores that have shopping carts (since readers live all over the USA and beyond), but SHOW is worth making an exception for because you can call and order over the phone with 100% friendly conversation + undivided attention. Even better than a shopping cart.)

Look for SHOW in the March issue of Domino magazine and Architectual Digest. Congratulations, Brad!

SHOW ’nuff.

(Photos: TOP: SHOW storefront. BOTTOM: Soft Service pillows, available at SHOW. Photos courtesy of SHOW and Brad Cook.)

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Post Modern Pets

Dear Master,

I’ve had it. Ever since you rolled in with your new cat, “Princess”, your interest in me went from sixty to zero in two seconds flat.

What happened to the long walks and toy surprises? My personal breaking point was when you gave Princess the foot-of-the-bed, where I once slept. Don’t you understand how neglected I feel? All I can think about is hurting the cat while you’re at work. I’m not myself anymore. Please remember that I was once your prized pooch.

– Sparky

It’s clearly time to gift your dog.

Contact the guys over at PostModern Pets ASAP. From swank dog beds to fun toys and dog dinnerware, Sparky will know you really do care. The “Dxg Bxne“, designed by Industrial Designer Karim Rashid, is destined to become his prized possession for only $14. You could also present him with, “Henri“, the plush microsuede squeaky toy available in 3 sizes and 3 colors priced between $14-$22. Go all out with the, “Rollerbed” that resembles something from West Elm with two lockable wheels, on sale now for $99 (was $245). If you have the cash, the, “Haus Dog Crate“, is an ultra chic side table/dog crate priced at $369 for a small crate,
and $499 for a large. Post Modern Pets even has cool stuff for rabbits, birds, fish, and cats, too – but I’d postpone buying anything for Princess until Sparky is over this whole neglect thing.

Even a dog doesn’t deserve to be treated like one.

(Photos: BOTTOM: “Haus Dog Crate”, “Dxg Bxne”, “Rollerbed”, and “Henri”. Photos courtesy of Post Modern Pets.)

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