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Urban Outfitters Apartment

Let’s face it, we are one generation of seriously spoiled peeps. Cassette tapes, movies on VHS, and IROC Z-28s are a thing of the past (thank God). iPods, high res flat screen monitors, diesel jeans, you know what matters in life, we’ve got it all. Especially, at least lately, good style. It’s everywhere these days. Even websites like Urban Outfitters have an ultra hip “Apartment” section featuring way cute items for your home. My personal favorites, “Your Dads Chair” (shown), in a soft Robin’s Egg Blue (also available in soft green) for only $500, and their entire line of throw pillows. Their retro sofa for $750.00 in rust is another must-see. I can’t help myself, I just want to sink down deep into that darn chair and flip through Domino magazine while listening to Michael Buble. Ah, the perfect lazy PJs-on-’til-noon, Sunday. Well, at least until I realize one can’t actually read anything in Domino magazine because it’s mostly advertising cool stuff I can’t afford… That’s why I love Urban Outfitters – it’s the baby sister of Anthropologie (same mother company), so they have great style, only a lot cheaper than it’s big sis. We also like something more when we can actually afford it.

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Delia’s Roomwares

Yes, I know. Everyone knows. Delia’s is strictly for tweens in incrediably small sized clothes (jealous!) aka the Olsen twins crowd. But, have you checked out their adorable line of roomwares? Okay, maybe they are a bit supertween, but if you have a good eye for mixing, you can easily snag a few things for your posh pad and no one would ever suspect that Mary Kate has the same thing… Delia’s website

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Lotta Jansdotter

I‘ve got to take this one to the minister, as they say. I’ve got a confession. I’m currently obsessing over the Lotta Jansdotter line. Lotta’s designs are altogether beautiful just like her native Sweden where she was raised. At age 20, she relocated to CA. She currently lives in San Francisco designing bags, aprons, table linens to die for, beautiful ceramics, wall-hangings, stationary, and textiles that are both modern and in touch with the simplistic beauty of nature with a slight Japanese influence. Evoking a sense of serenity and elegance, I decided to gift one to a friend. Upon receipt of her new linen bag, she cooed with delight and confessed that she also loves Lotta and I’m totally on the NBF list now (new best friend). As cute as this sounds, she has refused to use it, pinning it to her inspiration room in her art studio. I’m sure that once you catch a glimpse of Lotta’s beautiful work, you will also adore it like we do. Make sure you check out Lotta Jansdotter’s website, have fun!

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I bet you don’t know what “WC” means, do ya?

I sure the heck didn’t. In Germany, it’s on every entrance to the restroom. Yet, I never understood exactly WHY because Germans call a restroom a “toilette” (yes, I know it’s French, but it’s what they call a restroom), yet mark the door with “WC” signage. Really, what does it all mean? Unable to figure out on my own, I decided to be clever and develop a few clever meanings for WC of my own. Most of them are a bit vile, so I won’t be sharing them. No matter how often I tried, I could never guess the meaning on my own. I caved and asked my German husband. “Water Closet”, he replied. “Water Closet?”, I replied, almost angry that it was in English instead of some fancy German word ending with hosen or garten or nugen. Yup, water closet. If you want to totally confuse your guests, you can always pop one of these funky little circles on your bathroom door. For those of you that wished you lived in Europe, for a mere $9, a WC sign, and all the charm of the old world, can be yours. Shop at relish to view item, size, and more information.

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