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Hable Construction [More Sales Alerts!]

Here’s some more goodies on sale – this time, directly from Hable Construction. Pillows, photo albums, totes… all the Hable goodies you love at prices that are more affordable. Looks like their cleaning house for Spring ’06! Check out their tag sale online.

(Photo: 16×16″ Lily pad Canvas Pillow, sale $57 was $98)

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I love this Node bowl from Cake, it’s so pretty. Useful and elegant to display, available in white or chrome. You can purchase this at Joy in Newton (for the locals) or contact Cake directly for information on ordering.
The insula cup is another favorite of mine. It comes in snow white, kiwi green, sea blue, and salmon orange. I think having a cup of tea, without a handle, is a nice change. I also like that you can’t burn your little paws because it’s insulated with a double interior wall making it cool to the touch. Clever.
Cake. Would you like a piece?

(Photos: TOP: Insula cup. BELOW: Node bowl. Photos from Cake.)

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Sale alert! Surfing bluefly last night, I spotted a pillow from Hable Construction for under $50. I clicked on it, and it was rather ugly so I didn’t think it was blogworthy enough to share with decor8 readers. However, a new day brought new hope.

My blogmate Brent (as I’m starting to call him a blogmate since he’s amazing), just sent me an email about bluefly adding 3 fab pillows to their site, and I had to post them asap because they’re quite cute. I’m not into pink or lilac, but you may adore them. I think the orange one is sweet.

The Hable Construction bright orange felted wool stripe 14×14 pillow is $59.99, marked down from $170, the pink felted wool stripe 14×14 pillow is $67.99 (was $170), and the lilac and ivory felted wool appliqu? 20 X 20 pillow is $79.99 (was $240). Killer deals. These will sell out fast, so if you like them, activate those links asap and grab your plastic pronto! I tell you one thing for certain, if bluefly adds any Hable pillows in blue or green, I’m all over it!

Finally, a Hable pillow you can afford!

(Photos: TOP: Lilac + Ivory pillow. BELOW: Pink Stripe + Orange Stripe pillows. All from Hable Construction. Photos from

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You don’t know squat. Yet.

Squat is hip multi-purpose furniture designed for flexible living. Squat can be your bookcase, table, or you can sit your fine self on top of it. Stackable and available in red, black, or white with aluminum legs, each module pricing in at $149 and ready for your purchasing pleasure at re:modern. You can also plop the flip flop cushion on your squat to transform it into comfortable seating as needed. Flip flop is available in coal, tweed, fuchsia, and orange for $60, and can be tucked away until needed.
More fresh finds can be had at re:modern including the chroma floor cushion for $190, sculptural wall tiles($28, love these!), and the swoon coasters for $12.

NOW you know squat. (and all the other fun finds at re:modern.)

(Photos: TOP: Squat in white with and without flip flop. BOTTOM: Chroma floor cushion, sculptural wall tiles, swoon coasters. Photos from re:modern. )

Posted in uncategorized on January 30, 2006


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