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January 2006

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Koo de Kir

January 28, 2006

Koo de KirKoo de Kir. Wallpaper and Travel + Leisure voted them “World’s Best” for home accessories. “Improper Bostonian” honored them as “Boston’s Best” home boutique three years in row. Doug Wilson from Trading Spaces even shopped there for his $50,000 room. Now it’s your turn to check them out and cast your vote.

Koo de Kir is a stylish retail haven offering modern fresh homewares in chic Beacon Hill. For those of you that aren’t in Boston, you can visit their online store to shop their impressive selection (not as ahhh-inspiring as the real thing since their online selection is limited). This stylish retail environment also offers interior design services, and a gift registry. You’ll find merchandise that you’ve seen in Elle Decor, Shop etc., Breathe, Lucky, Domino, and all the other big glossies, so they’re right in step with the latest trends.

I like Koo de Kir because they carry items to suit every budget, the location is excellent, and you’ll always find something new to add to your favorites list. Plus, strolling along Charles Street with a latte in hand, stopping at The King + I for Thai, then hopping over to Koo de Kir for some retail therapy… it’s far too perfect of a day to pass by.

Koo de Kir (Coup de Coeur), “?a strike to the heart?”

(Photos: TOP LEFT: Midsummer Light $74, Koo de Kir. All photos below also from Koo de Kir.)

Table Stories platter 15″ in red or blue $60
Koo de KirFlor carpet tiles always 10% off
Koo de KirLarge Dot Lamps available in maple, cherry, or white. $400

Koo de Kir


Thanks, Curbed!

January 27, 2006
i’d like to thank the academy * i’d like to thank the academy * i’d like to thank the academy

Curbed gave decor8 love!
Here’s what they mentioned today on thier site with my link:

Decor8, new design blog from design hotspot Boston []

Thank you Curbed!

i’d like to thank the academy * i’d like to thank the academy * i’d like to thank the academy




January 27, 2006

Eye candy is a lot more fun when it’s within reach. inmodThe Meringue lights (above) are sweet finds at $84.99 for the hanging lamp (there’s also a table lamp model), and $134.99 for the floor model. The Modular room divider, on the other hand, is the big exception here. It has a hefty pricetag, but it sure is built to please with it’s towering illuminated self. It’s the Heidi Klum of room dividers. Don’t you think it has this whole Sci-fi Fifth Element thing goin’ on? I totally dig it although I have no clue what I’d do with it in my so-not-a-swank-loft space.

Modular room divider $1,499.99 (drool, drool)


Would you like some more candy, little design addicts?

Nebula $184.99 Great Balls of Fire!
inmodLars Chair $169.99 – Bulging at the seams!


Sophisticate Chair $114.99 (In White or Black) – Great legs, darling!


Perf Boxes, $299 set of 2 (Part of the permanent collect at the San Fran MoMA)
PERFect for me!




January 26, 2006
risd|worksRISD (pronouced “riz-dee” or Rhode Island School of Design) has been around for 125 years refining artists and designers, stretching their imaginations, launching them into the world with the ability to create. Many RISD grads have produced products that we all benefit from and enjoy today. You can purchase items online from RISD at risd|works, which features an annual collection of works by RISD alumni and faculty. Each item features a bio of the artist, which I really like, and when they attended RISD. They offer a variety of items from contemporary to folk, at affordable prices. The fun blocks above, “Blockheads”, are from RISD grad Jason Amendolara, $17 for the set. If you’re in the Providence area, you can also visit their storefront, open only on Sundays from 11-5 p.m.

To me, owning something purchased directly from it’s maker, so to speak, gives the item a feeling of being sacred. I cherish it for years to come. risd|works is perfect for those of us that don’t want everything we own to be stamped, “Made in China”. Here’s an aluminum kitchen timer that I like for only $15 from Jozeph Forakis, Industrial Designer.

risd|worksThe “Meep” pendant light with a die-cut birch veneer is as unique as it is beautiful for $260 by James Dieter, Industrial designer.
risd|worksFor $40, you can enjoy a beautiful glazed stoneware bowl from artist/designer Dwo Wen Chen.
risd|works(Photos: All photos are various product shots of items mentioned above. All photos from risd|works.)


DWR Studio Event 2/26 [Providence RI]

January 26, 2006

DWR Studio Event 2/26 [Providence RI]DWR Studio Event 2/26 [Providence RI]Holy I’d-better-get-ready Batman! This is tonight!

For the locals, join DWR and world acclaimed architect Friedrich St. Florian tonight from 5:30-8 pm at DWR (Design Within Reach) Studio located on 210 Westminster Street in Providence, RI (only 60 minutes south of Boston). Tonight is their 1st Anniversary party in thier 3,000 foot studio located in historic downtown Providence, RI.

Mr. St. Florian will discuss his work and his drawings will be on display. Champagne and refreshments will be served and there’s no charge to attend.

Make sure you save the cork in case my previous post about DWR’s contest inspired you.If you miss tonight’s event, you can view Friedrich St. Florian’s drawings at DWR Studio until 1/31/06.

For more information, please contact DWR at 401.831.1452 or DWR Studio Event 2/26 [Providence RI]
DWR Studio Event 2/26 [Providence RI]
(Photo: Storefront of DWR Studio in Providence and various interior shots, all from DWR.)



January 26, 2006

PlankMeet Mr. Blue yoga mat. How dull. Not exactly “om” inspiring.

Meet Ms. Doreen Hing, exercise addict and founder/designer
of Plank, an upscale line of yoga accessories. Not dull. Very “om” inspiring.

Based in Boston (from Britain surprise, surprise), this designer has set out to infuse a bit of her tongue-in-cheek humor and transcendental thinking into revving up ubiquitous purple + blue mats seen in studios today. Determined to offer hip
yoga accessories versus the “hippie, bohemian” ones commonly found, Plank mats are stylish and witty. Yoga not your thing? You can also use the mats for pilates and general stretching too. Available at Fred Segal, Paul Smith, Design Within Reach, and for the locals, Lekker Home. Purchase them online too, mats range between $60-125.

Plank is not only
putting Boston on the map, but on the mat, too.

(Photos: “Bling” mat. Photos courtesy of Plank.)Plank

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