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ID Chicago

Just took a break and checked out little miss sponge today for my daily read (love her new site don’t you?), and she mentioned ID Chicago so I had to check them out. Yowser! Great site, thanks to Grace, of course! I just purchased the Maharam Matching Game, it’s lovely… especially for my husband and I because we like to play silly games when our friends come over, and this will not only be a good alternative to poker, but a fun and very fashionable display piece (despite that it’s in a cardboard box, the top looks quite nice). Based on the Maharam textile collection, this memory game features illustrated renditions of textiles designed by Hella Jorgerius (love her!), Paul Smith, Charles and Ray Eames, Gio Ponti, and Alexander Girard (another fave of mine). They’re printed on fine quality heavy card stock and the game includes two sets of 36 cards.

TIP: If you’re not into fun and games, maybe you can simply frame these cards. Purchase a unique frame with multiple windows for photos and place your favorite Maharam images inside instead of photos.

(photo from id chicago)

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Graham + Brown

Individually hand painted acrylic on canvas starting at $25 can be yours at Graham & Brown. Offering an extensive range of art from artists and designers, along with thier own in-house design studio, they churn out a range of unique canvases that will add that extra pizzazz to your space. It is possible to have a creative decor on a budget. It may not be by-way-of [insert fine art gallery here], but budget shoppers need not sacrifice stylish interiors!

They also offer one-of-a-kind wallpaper that you can paint yourself (must see the Wood and Taylor ‘frames’ wallpaper), Lovely Hemingway and whimsical Kate Larsen wallpaper, $25 ceiling medallions, and nature-inspired digital murals that are oh-so-realistic!

(images are all from Graham + Brown)

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Environment 337

Mmmm… Yummy Environment 337 treats to snack on! Served up fresh out of Brooklyn, these fun tea towels, modern soap, and wooden rocking horse won’t disappoint. Get to snackin’!

or how about some super fresh mibo lamps and fun prints – aren’t these too cute?

P.S. Here’s a post from the past about e337.

(all photos from Environment 337)

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Your accessories speak volumes about you. Your attention to detail. Your great sense (or not) of style. Why carry around a BIC when you can sign your next John Hancock with a flashy pen designed by Andrea Branzi, Aldo Cibic, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Marco Zanini, Michele De Lucchi and others at Acme. Good pens, neatly arranged in a snappy pencil pot on your desk, add some flair to your workspace, too. They’re quite a decorative element, even a Lotta Jansdotter tote hanging casually over your chair adds flair to your space, at least in my opinion.

For some swanky pens, Acme is your place. Known as “The Swatch of the pen business”, you’ll have no problem selecting from their collection of over a hundred designs. Great business card cases, cuff links, pencil pots, and other accessories are offered by hip little Acme, too.

BUDGET TIP: For budget options, you can also find terrific pens at Target from their Sensa line. They can’t touch the quality of a Cross or Acme pen, but if you tend to lose your pens a lot, a jazzy Sensa may do the trick, and be a much more affordable option for you.

(all photos from acme)

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