Nigella Lawson

February 7, 2006

Nigella LawsonLook at her. How can anyone not fall in love with a woman who is sexy, successful, and can actually whip up handmade treats without batting a pretty little eyelash?

No, sassy pants, we’re not talking about you. We’re talking Nigella.

I’m sure you’ve spotted Nigella’s Living Kitchen line before, but I found a few items that I’d like to purchase, so I thought to share them with you. You see, my cooking lately consists of making the same thai dish over and over again, or grabbing sushi take-out, so I’m hoping some fancy new kitchen stuff will inspire me to actually make homemade cookies vs. slicing them from the roll. There’s a Nigella in me, I just know it.

I seriously need cute products to help me become a better wife. (My husband rolled his eyes, too.)

Note: Some of these items aren’t yet available in the states, but you can always email them and request they ping you when they are. I love the pretty colors, especially all the light robin’s egg blue.

measuring jug.
holds flowers when not in use. numbers on the inside for measuring – smart!
Nigella Lawsonserving hands.
okay, i’m starting to want lunch.
Nigella Lawsonparmesan grater.
fits right into the palm of your hand.
Nigella Lawsonhug mug.
everyone needs a hug!
over-size mug and saucer for comfort food!
Nigella Lawsonblue piglets.
you’ll want to hog these little s+p holders for yourself!

Nigella Lawson
(photos from nigella.com)

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