coffee + cre8tive [wed feb 08 06]

February 8, 2006

visual inspiration to stimulate your senses.

coffee + cre8tive [wed feb 08 06]feel: calm. like i’m standing in a modern kitchen on a sunny day drinking fresh squeezed oj in a t-shirt, jeans, barefoot, barefaced. uncomplicated. anything by Moby filling the air.

see: flowers and butterflies. no butterflies are in this pattern, but upon first glance, i almost see them fluttering across the bottom.

use: i’d use the pattern as potholders and dish towels in a modern kitchen with orange walls and everything else in pure white – very issac mizrahi shiny white lacquer cabinets. A few tall ceramic canisters on the counter in shades of green, yellow, and pink to match the pattern.

fave color: the fresh pink. i see grapefruit sliced, one half laying on a white cutting board, the other half laying belly side up on the counter, the sparkly fruit smell filling the air.

you’re up!

*how do you feel when you see this pattern?

*what do you see?

*how would you use this in your space? wallpaper? pillows? art? other?

*what color do you like the most in this pattern?

answer one or more below by clicking on the comments link.

coffee + cre8tive [wed feb 08 06]


  • Reply Vajra February 8, 2006 at 6:33 am

    I feel cool and rested.
    I see poppies, and butterflies metamorphosing into poppies.
    It would look great as a shower curtain or on canvas.
    I like the dark pink best.

  • Reply Anonymous February 8, 2006 at 7:52 pm

    Pretty! Like it! How ’bout a dust ruffle on a bed with a plain white duvet and giant pink, green, and orange pillows on the bed. I see a big white cat with a green collar laying on the white shag rug. Okay Maybe I’ve lost my Mind but it’s what I see.


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