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Poppy Cotton

If you love mid century modern combined with eye poppin’ bold vintage textiles, Poppy Cotton is the place for you. Specializing in home accessories handcrafted from vintage textiles, they feature kerchief pillows, cotton pillows, wall hangings and bright funkadelic lampshades that will remind you of times past. Wayyyy past. Melissa Cotton Womack is the designer behind Poppy Cotton, a Park Slope Brooklyn resident that designs with the goal of recreating the feel of some of her favorite movies, like The Stepford Wives. Melissa blends vintage and modern florals to create whimsical charm for the home. I think they’re pretty groovy, baby! Love those orange poppy blooms. Delish!

(images from Poppy Cotton.)

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Urban Mercantile

Have you visited Urban Mercantile lately? Located in the city of cable cars and Alcatraz, this San Francisco based store offers the rest of us e-commerce so we can shop online. Their website is a sublime haven for shoppers craving refined modern household goods. Sumptuous linens, ceramics and glass are just a few of their offerings. I like the the graphic pillow in muted tones of taupe and powder blue on muslin, silk screen printed by the hands of Kevin Harris. Did you see the Keokeo (Hawaiian term for muslin) glass vases and bowls? They are hand-crafted by Daniel Wooddell. The pomegranate ceramics created by Whitney Smith are another favorite. Artist Lina Felicia renders enticing graphics in brown and white on these hand silk screened toss pillows.

What did you find at Urban Mercantile that appealed to you?

(images from Urban Mercantile)

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Clio Home

Fresh finds from Clio Home. These bulleye vases from Brooklyn are super fantasic-o! Available in blue, pink and lime. $187. If you need a new set of vessels for your morning juice, a Ripple Glass in purple, pink, orange, green, yellow, blue or clear may quench your thirst for something beautiful. Made in Denmark, $36. Enjoy water on your bedside table, something I enjoyed while staying with friends in London. Pretty bedside carafes are ideal for sipping water during the night. Clio offers a pretty Hargreave Carafe with Glass from Denmark in lime, blue and pink. $220.

(images fron Clio Home)

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I was in contact with the lovely Jen at Myperennial yesterday and she sent me some photos of her perky felt blankets and pillows that just scream Spring. Aren’t they fresh and pretty? After reading her story online, I had to post about what she’s doing because I think it is inspirational to all that have product ideas and just need a little push. Here is the story of Myperennial, straight from Jen:

Myperennial began as a happy accident. A tired sweater needed a pick-me-up. Felt revived it. With a bold new garden perched upon my shoulder, I bounced around the streets of New York City to and from work as a public schoolteacher. I received compliments. I grinned. A woman asked to buy it. I blushed.

Soon after relaying this story to a stylish colleague, she staged an intervention. At dinner on the Upper West Side, she encouraged me to create scarves and hair accessories for our school?s winter fair. Kids notoriously know what?s good. They always choose the sparkly-est sticker or the gooey-est cupcake; so why not the softest scarf or the cutest hat?

By day I taught elementary school science. By night I cut, sewed, and created one-of-a-kind pieces to deck out a card table in our school cafeteria. I wore my sweater. By the time those Tribeca moms and kids were done with me, I was surprised to find I?d sold out of nearly everything.

After three years of steady successes, the line has grown perhaps as fast as the line of people plucking their preferred myperennial products.


In addition to home accessories, Jen creates delightful scarves, hats, tanks and tees, hair accessories and brooches, along with some adorable goods for children, too.

(images from Myperennial)

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