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Reader Question from Montreal

March 20, 2006

Before giving my two cents, I’d like to see what decor8 readers have for advice to Karen up in Montreal. Here’s her letter below. Any ideas? Email me or comment below.

Hey Holly,

Maybe you could help me out with some space in my new apartment? I?ll try to draw you a picture and scan it.

The problem:

We have a small entrance. The entrance opens into the living room, which is actually being lived in as a bedroom. And we are 3 girls with 3 different opinions on how the space should be used…

Carly: says that we should keep her white whicker dresser and armoire in the entrance as storage and a table to put keys on and a lamp etc. the drawers would hold mitts, scarves, hats etc.

Liz: says that the dresser and armoire is just too much for the entrance and that we should use her smaller night table stand to put keys on and a lamp etc. Even though the stand doesn?t match (not that the white whicker does either) it is wooden like something from the 70?s ? but not in a cool way ? with gold metal handles on the drawers.

Karen: says that for a small space less is more ? we should have a mirror on the wall 1- to check ourselves 2 ? to open up the space. And maybe a chair or a plant and that?s it?

What does Holly say??

Love ya babe!!

Reader Question from Montreal


  • Reply Anonymous March 20, 2006 at 3:59 pm

    KEEP IT SIMPLE would be my objective. Each girl has a bedroom, they should strive to keep their personal belongings in their bedroom and use the public space for a simple table. I love the table with mirror idea in the hallway area.


  • Reply decor8 March 21, 2006 at 2:31 am

    I agree. I wrote to Karen today with my design advice for the space. It’s not much, but I think that each girl should keep their personal items tucked away in their rooms, not in a public space, such as the hallway. Their shared space is so limited that they really need to keep it as clutter free and clean as possible for guests and for their own sanity. A simple stand, a mirror, a nice plant – keep it simple and off the floor.

    Karen mentioned that they are going to hang fabric to separate Carly’s room from the entryway space. If that’s the case, I suggested that they use fabric that features a single large scale tree or a a large scale floral pattern. Instead of gathering the fabric on a rod, I’d opt to let it hang as a painting would – flat and flush against the ‘wall’, the wall that isn’t really there, but the illusion is there. At least it wouldn’t look like somewhat chic on a budget. Fabric is the best budget option for separating rooms, although I think having a door is always the best option when you’re sharing space with roommates.

    Karen, if you’re reading this, thanks for writing in girl!! I’ll see you up in Montreal in May, we’ll be staying at uncle Kens place again, Karebear.


  • Reply Anonymous March 22, 2006 at 2:19 am

    i would do what holly says above
    idea to
    keep things
    i wouldn’t want all of that junk clogging a wee entrance area like that.
    just put a
    mirror on the wall to check your lipstick and
    a table for throwing your keys and


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