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Hold Everything Weekend Sale 3/22-3/26

More Spring Sales! This time, it’s at Hold Everything where you can find amazing deals on items that will whip your disorganized pack rat self into a regular martha stewart goddess. Hurry for best selection, sale lasts only until March 26th. Click here to view sale items, many with free shipping.

(all photos from hold everything)

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West Elm – Online Spring Sale Starts Today!

Don’t miss the West Elm Spring Sale, starting today! Bath mats for $12.99. Floral and watercolor stripe pillows from $12.99-16.99. Hip seating, a great little bench, and more!

(all photos are from west elm)

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decor8talk: Meet Camilla Engman

decor8: Hi Camilla. First of all, I love your work, especially your paintings and the adorable crochet animals that you make. Can you tell decor8 readers a little bit about yourself?

Camilla: Sure. I’m Camilla Engman and I live and work in Gothenburg, Sweden.

decor8: What do you like about Gothenburg?

Camilla: I like that the four seasons of the year are so different, although I’d prefer if the summer season was a little longer. I love the nature and the easy access of our nature.

decor8: Same here in New England, summers are too short. Tell us, what is your business and how did you get started?

Camilla: I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, artist. I’ve always made pictures. I attended art school for two years, and then spent five years studying Graphic Design at the HDK School of Design and Crafts at Gothenburg University.

decor8: Do you sell your items in any stores online or in the USA?

Camilla: Yes, at different places. I’ve sold my calendar at Moca, calendar and
prints and other stuff at ArtStar Philly, Paperboat Gallery, Reform
School, Compound…. Also artwork at Magpie, Junc Gallery. ArtStar is
the only online shop, I think.

decor8: I love artstar, it’s such a neat shop. Where do you find inspiration? Other artists? Places? Websites?

Camilla: Nature. The past. Galleries. Books. Internet. Different artists in different

decor8: What are the main characteristics of your work and your work

Camilla: It’s like a snapshot, something is going to or has already happened. A
story interrupted. I don’t have a particular theme that I work with, I just have my ensemble that appears in different shapes.

decor8: How does your work reflect your personality?

Camilla: You can see I’m a very kind person ;)

decor8: Out of all the places you’ve seen in your life, where would you live if money were no obstacle and why?

Camilla: In the swedish summer.

decor8: What are ten things that you can’t live without?

Camilla: Paper, pen, my computer, chocolate, coffee, wine, a sofa, my camera,
my Teva sandals, nature and sun.

decor8: Thank you so much Camilla for taking time to tell us about yourself. Please keep in touch and we wish you the best of success. May your days be creative and your summers, much longer!

You can view Camillia’s website here. She also has a blog with beautiful images and inspiration.

(all photos are from camilla engman)

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Boy Girl Party

Sometimes you need a really cute wallet. Or some great postcards to frame or pin to your inspiration board, maybe to even collage in your journal. Susie over at Boy Girl Party is your new best friend. She has the sweetest paper goods and carries a lot of other miscellaneous goodies, too. Her new poketo wallets are only $20 and these sugary sweet postcards are only $8 for a set of ten. Susie also added a new ‘about‘ page so you can learn all about this talented RISD alum.

(photos from boy girl party)

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