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Pink Loves Brown

There’s nothing like good stationery. I discovered Pink Loves Brown and fell head over heels for their simple modern designs. My favorite is definitely the glasses card in orange – so Lisa Loeb – just love it. I just love glasses. In fact, when I was single and spotted stylish men wearing them, I’d go weak at the knees. Add an accent and height, and I was smitten. When I met my husband in his tortoise rim glasses, I had to marry him. He has glasses, an accent and height. Score! It’s just a thing I have, I don’t know. That’s the long story behind why the glasses card tickles my fancy. I digress…

Pink Loves Brown is Nicole Balch, the designer behind these whimsical cards, the girl that slaves for hours and hours to hand-create beautiful things just for us. That alone makes me love Pink Loves Brown even more. Nicole offers custom invitation and announcement service for weddings, showers, baby announcements and more. Stationery aside, she even runs a company called Smart + Lovely offering her web and graphic design services.

(images from Pink Loves Brown)

Posted in uncategorized on March 31, 2006

Thorsten Van Elten

If you love Russian matroska (nesting) dolls, these simple modern Maxim Velcovsky matroskas in bright and colorful porcelin should catch your eye. When I first saw them, I thought they were paint-by-number matroskas, something I’ve been looking for over the years but can never seem to find them. Do you happen to know of a resource?
Shake, shake, shake! Shake, shake, shake! Shake your booty! Or, you can sit your booty down for dinner and simply shake your booty salt + pepper shakers from Thorsten Van Elten. Made of bone china in the UK by Camila Prada, sold as a set of 2.

(images from Thorsten Van Elten)

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Budget Lighting

When it comes to mass-produced faceless production, I’m a Target girl. Okay, sometimes IKEA, depending on what I need at the moment. I don’t do Costco, Sam’s club or Wal-mart. To me, shopping is based more on the experience and inspiration that I get during the hours spent roaming the aisles than even actual need or price. I prefer the smaller exclusive grocery stores over the super-sized food warehouses. I don’t see the point in purchasing paper towels in packs of 50. I don’t care about saving money if it means that the experience of the purchase was less than satisfying and I went home stressed-out, burnt-out, and vowing to never return.

However, when it comes to shopping online, I dance to the beat of a different drummer. I’m more interested in finding the best deal on something that I really need. Take Wal-mart for example. They are trying to appeal more to the urban-minded online shopping crew by offering more modern accessories for the home. For those of us that enjoy a good budget find online, these Wal-mart lamps may interest you. My choices: the Kiss lamps in white or blue, the paper wood like veneer lamp (first spotted on its (k)notwood), and the Nydia glass lamp with the textured cream shade. All are available online.

(images from Wal-mart)

Posted in Objects on March 31, 2006

Plant Me Pets

After the last post, I started thinking about gardening and how I really need to plant my window box this weekend. We’re driving to the coast today for a walk on the beach and some seafood, then to a few home/craft related shows in Boston tomorrow, so perhaps Sunday will allow time for a little exterior decorating. What are you doing this weekend? Do tell!

Now, I know these things look nutty, but they have me a bit intrigued. Has anyone purchased them, and if so, how well do they work? I love that you can pop them into soil and leave their little legs sticking out. What fun! Plant me pets can be purchased at Sprout Home and over at the MoMA store.

Plant me Pets spotted on a-m’s blog, too!

(images from Sprout + MoMA)

Posted in uncategorized on March 31, 2006


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