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coffee + cre8tive [mar 15 06]


I hope you enjoy these vibrant playful images, designed by Yuki, a Waseda University student in Tokyo. Her major is anthropology and Japanese folklore, not design, so I’m quite intriqued by her artsy side and I wonder how she has the time to study, blog, and take so many great photos! I fancy her creative vision and her blog, and especially enjoyed browsing her flickr albums that include her design work as well as random street scenes in Tokyo.


(photos by Yuki)

Posted in uncategorized on March 15, 2006

Angela Adams Bedding Update!

Just circling back with decor8 readers regarding a January post on Angela Adams bedding. Back then, only one pattern was available at Marshall Fields, however they’ve just added three more patterns along with some pillows. View the collection here. What do you think?

Marshall Fields also has beautiful bedding from Sigrid Olsen and Thomas O’Brien, too!

(photos from Angela Adams collection at Marshall Fields)

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Thorsten Van Elten Under $100

Fresh Finds at Thorsten Van Elten for under $100.

Time flies with these KoeKoeK feather clocks by Chris Koens. Available in dark or pale blue. Makes your heart flutter, don’t they? psst: dark blue is the new ‘in’ color for home decor and fashion this season.

Don’t feed the pigeons! Enjoy the warm glow of the pigeon light by ed carpenter instead. These have been around for awhile, but I still love them. Available in white, grey, pink and orange with either white or orange flex.

Leave a lasting impression with these stamp cups by valeria miglioli and barnaby barford. No more ring marks from coffee cups, flowers instead! Puts a whole new spin on coffee + cre8tive here at decor8!

Like the saying goes, “If you haven’t got anything good to say, come and sit next to me.” There’s always something to talk about with the conversation cushion by barnaby barford and andre klauser. The conversation cushion comes loaded with 100 questions, fortune cookie style, each easily picked from the small rips in the front of the cushion. Not big on the look of this pillow, but I love the concept.

Have you seen these sweet little oma style crochet lampshades by electricwig before? I haven’t, until now at least. (Christine L., if you’re reading, this is for you!) This is a little crochet lampshade that fits over your existing standard lightfitting. A tea cozy for your bulb, I suppose.

(photo credits: from thorsten van elten website)

Posted in uncategorized on March 14, 2006

Project Runway Tees + Auction Items

I usually don’t dish about fashion here on decor8, but this post is a small exception simply because I think you’ll really enjoy it and because it hasn’t been covered yet in the blogs that I frequent. With the fashion exception for today, I’ll try to leave it to the fashionistas over at gkfa, buss buss, daily candy, shefinds, get sugar, glam, top button and style bakery to leave you in a fashion frenzy, they should keep you clickin’ for awhile!

However (ah-hem), I must point you to the Project Runway store for spiffy limited edition t-shirts designed by PR designers! Try to resist these perky tees, I dare you. Wayyyy cute.

I heart animated Andrae Gonzalo because he’s so feisty and vibrant; between Andrae and Santino, all PR episodes became known as ‘good television’. The t-shirt shown below, “Lighten up. It’s just fashion.” from Andrae is priced at $24.95. I also love the auf wiedersehen t-shirt and wonder what kind of reaction I’ll get this summer wearing it in Germany (!).

psst…you can even purchase PR stuff via auction here. You can also click on the designers name in the left column and you’ll enter their unique stores with goodies for sale or auction. I love the designers sketches that they’re auctioning, and would love to get my hands on a few for framing! I really like the sketch from Daniel V., and the Kara Janx kimono dress, and Santinos sketch, fantastique!

For the real PR addicts, you can even bid to win items from the finale collections from Chloe, Daniel V., Santino and Kara!


Auf Wiedersehen!

(photo credits: all photos from the very fabulous project runway website!)

Posted in uncategorized on March 14, 2006


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