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March 2006


Fresh Finds on Etsy!

March 6, 2006

I’ll be regularly spotlighting my favorite etsy sellers since I’m such a huge fan of etsy and because I have friends that are selling there now. What do you think? If you know of any etsy stores that you love, shamelessly plug away by clicking ‘comments’ below! Here are some fresh finds from etsy that I just *had* to share.

Windshine offers pillows, art, jewelry and more!

Fresh Finds on Etsy!
Naughty magnets from luster bunny, serving up provacative porcelin that totally makes me blush! Not my thing, but some of you may fancy it! I do love their their pretty victorian themed wall tiles, though. So sweet!

Fresh Finds on Etsy!Pretty bottle cap magnets from Born Lippy.

Fresh Finds on Etsy!

Wine bottle holders from Prince Street Woodcrafters.

Fresh Finds on Etsy!

Adorable art by Carla Sonheim, perfect for kids spaces and great colors!

Fresh Finds on Etsy!

Pollyfusia’s fused glass adds a unique touch to your home! Pins and pendants, too.

Fresh Finds on Etsy!

Mid century etsy seller, 20thcenturydesignsny, has some groovy finds like these stackable cubes and this great slat coffee table from the Henry Miller era.

Fresh Finds on Etsy!Fresh Finds on Etsy!

Lovely patterned tealight holders cast from translucent bone china from Karin Eriksson.
To read a recent decor8 feature on Karin, click here.

Fresh Finds on Etsy!and finally, I must tell you about my favorite collage girl in the whole wide world, Michelle. She is an amazing collage artist that I just adore, over on the west coast in LA. She is so talented, and she did this beautiful commission piece for me, it was a gift I gave to my husband last month, it’s his grandparents and his mother in the middle. Isn’t it sweet? She added some funky orange and lime retro bursts on the side of the thick canvas, it’s beautiful. decor8 featured Michelle in January, if you missed it click here. You can purchase her art via etsy or her website. There was nothing so special to me than seeing the light in the eyes of my sweetie when he unwrapped his very special present. She can do a commission piece for you, too.
Fresh Finds on Etsy!Non-decor related but a most worthy mention: For couture vintage-inspired handbags, don’t miss etsy seller oona coco.

Have fun on etsy, and remember, if you know of any great etsy sellers, send them our way!

(photo credits from top to bottom: windshine (pillow), luster bunny (tile), born lippy (magnents), prince street woodcrafters (wine bottle holder), carla sonheim (art), pollyfusia (fused glass tray), 20th century designs ny (stacked cubes + slat table), karin erikson (tealight) and finally, the bottom photo was taken by me in my home – artist, michelle caplan.)


coffee + cre8tive [mar 6 ’06]

March 6, 2006

coffee + cre8tive [mar 6 '06]

My inspiration of the day, a solvent transfer and fabric collage on paper from artist Robert Rauschenberg from the permanent collection at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, MO.

Like? Dislike? Your thoughts?

By the way….happy Monday!!! :)

(photo: artwork by Robert Rauschenberg, photo from the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art)



Everything Swedish…

March 3, 2006

Everything Swedish...It’s time to post more pretty things that we can’t yet purchase here in the states. At least we can browse so that if they do drift to our shores, we can show how design savvy we are and say in a most nasal snobby voice, “Oh sweetie, I’ve known about them for years“… (dragging out the word ‘years’) So! onto fresh finds from Sweden, shall we?

decor8 reader, Husmusen, just sent me a link over to her Swedish design blog and wow, amazing finds! For obvious reasons, it’s in Swedish, but I still was able to navigate myself through it to find some great links to share with decor8 readers. Question: Does Husmusen mean house mouse? I’m thinking it does because it reminds me a lot like haus maus (German). Just wondering…

So, First up from Sweden, Spira! Textiles in bright crisp floral patterns, punchy and contemporary, fun, fun, fun! Bedding, aprons, plates, lamps, hand towels, curtains, all with zing! Spira had a space at the Stockholm furniture fair a few weeks ago, can you even imagine attending that? The hairs on my arms stand up. Something for me to think about for 2007, perhaps. How delightful to visit postcard-pretty Stockholm and attend a furniture fair. Ahhh, one can dream, can’t I?

Everything Swedish...Maybe these vinyl decals for walls and windows tickle your fancy? Fresh from Form and Function, a Swedish company located in Stocksund (a suberb of Stockholm). More amazing design, love those Swedes!


Everything Swedish...If you’re not up to vinyl, then visit Cult Design. They carry lovely porcelain and many fabulous wares from designers Bjorn Nilsson, Marita Lord, Monika Ofverstrom, Marianne Abelsson and Ami Matz. I’ve got a crush on cult! I want everything!


Everything Swedish...Everything Swedish...I’ll wrap up with a few more fantastic mentions, visit Form Design and Inreda, for Swedish home accessories and more. Just in case you’re interested, I found a good read on design hotels in Sweden that I enjoyed, click here.

Hope you enjoyed a touch of Sweden, friends! I promise, next post will be all about products we can actually purchase online or here in the states. You have to admit, peeking in on our friends over in Sweden and earlier today, in Denmark, is quite fun. Problem is, now I have an insane travel bug, how about you? Any travel plans this year that you’d care to share with us? Comment, we’d love to hear from you…

(photo credits: top photo from cult design. next up, photos from spira, next grouping from form + function, last two from cult design)


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Lene Toni Kjeld

March 3, 2006

More to drool over from Denmark. This time, we’re back on wallpaper, but I can’t resist because these patterns really speak to me. What do you think?
Lene Toni KjeldThey’re from Lene Toni Kjeld’s ‘Wall Decoration‘ collection. These beautiful patterns are putting me over the edge today, I mean, how much can a girl take of a good thing? Answer: Never too much!

Lene Toni KjeldLene Toni Kjeld
(photos from Lene Toni Kjeld)

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