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Daily Candy A to Z excerpts…

Thought you may enjoy these sweet excerpts from the soon to launch Daily Candy book. Makes for a cute read on this rainy New England Friday…




(photo from daily candy)

Posted in uncategorized on March 10, 2006

Happy Colour Clocks

Adriean over at Design Bot sent me a link to some ultra fab clocks this morning. Thanks, Adriean! Introducing Happy Colour’s inaugral line of wall clocks by Rob Buttery. I just had a chat with Rob and so far, he only has his clocks on display and for sale at his contemporary art + design shop, Collectiv in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. You can contact Rob directly to place an order if you see any clocks that strike your fancy. Contact him at: info [at] collectiv [dot] ca.
I personally want one of each! View Rob’s entire clock collection here.

(photo credits: all photos from rob buttery at collectiv.)

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Design My World

The Design My World newsletter hit my inbox this morning, I had to share some fresh finds that I spotted on thier site. I would have shared these a few hours ago, but once again, blogger is experiencing hiccups so some of us can’t access our blogs this morning to post. I know, enough whine! Anyway, back on topic!

Design My World offers modern home design accessories from both local and international designers that you’re certain to enjoy because they carry such a wide range – you’ll find something that suits your taste. Budget shoppers will enjoy the prices, lovers of clean design will enjoy their practical yet stylish wares. The predator or prey tea glass set from Chilli Chilly in Hong Kong includes a tea glass with a tea strainer and saucer lid for $22.50. The vin eau porceline carafe with red cups from MINT in NY is as sculptural as it is useful for $44.95. I love the big head coasters, stand them up for fun, or sit your mug down on their big heads. Somehow that sentence didn’t come out right, but it’s Friday and I need caffeine. $18.95 for a set of four. Another favorite, the by the lake cups bird, also from Chilli Chilly. The graceful silhouetted trees on the cup are mirrored in the platinum-plated surface below on the saucer. Stunning for $22.50.

(top photo of vase maker from Designfenzider.)

(photo credits: all photos from design my world.)

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coffee + cre8tive [mar 10 ’06]

I’m inspired by a dear friend, Lisa Occhipinti, and her artwork. Lisa is a talented artist with a real passion for design and painting, a person that I really admire. She’s currently working on a collection for the new addition that we’ve added to our space consisting of 6 paintings, and I simply cannot wait until they’re ready and then, installed.

As a mixed media artist, she includes collage elements of images and text along with color applied in glazes to create a rich layered surface that follows somewhat of a story, or a history of ideas, as she says. Each painting will have a theme, and here are the ones I’ve chosen for this commission: fashion, travel, architecture + interior design, writing, forest and finally, ocean.

Lisa is a very dear person to me, and having developed our friendship slowly over the years, I am at a point in our relationship where I’m certain we will always remain good friends. I’m inspired by her great fashion sense, her contagious laughter, her gift of gab. Lisa loves shoes, Anthropologie, and spontaneity. I also love her design sense, her condo is intoxicating in fresh lime and red, with lovely neutrals and lots of texture everywhere from textiles to faux fur throws.

You can view some of her stunning work online, or if you’re ever in the Boston area, you can view her collection up close and personal at Jules Place in the South End.

(photo from Jules Place and a special thanks to Lisa Occhipinti.)

Posted in uncategorized on March 10, 2006


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