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Basic French

C’est le printemps! Spring is here today with a huge blue sky and temps in the 60s. Whenever I think of Spring, I see Paris in bloom…the bells of a cathedral, voices filling the air, children playing in the parks. Strolling around enjoying a nutella crepe while window shopping. All the amazing kiosks filled with French fashion and home magazines! Oui!

Since I love Paris, and decor8 readers love good design, let’s visit Basic French. Won’t you join me as I peek in on them to view their new spring treats and winter sale?

Did you see anything that you liked? Here are my picks: The Tade guest soaps made with olive oil and damask rose essential oil are so unique, they appear as pieces of carved vintage metal, at least in the photo. What a memorable way to welcome your guests; place a few neatly on a stack of towels in the guest bedroom, top with a fresh cut tulip and a polkadot bow tied around the stem.

If you love pillows, and we all know you do, these sweet squares are a perfect pick me up for your summer patio. In delicate patterns of polkadot and greengate stipe. If it’s gardening you love, protect your manicure with something lovely, like these floral gloves. No reason to skip on looking cute in the garden!

One (of many) aspects of French culture that appeal to me is how the customer is treated in Paris. While I was there, store clerks willingly gift wrapped everything I purchased, lovely rolls of wrapping paper in joyful colors with coordinating ribbons proudly displayed behind the sales counter. How lovely. Imagine, gift wrapping a purchase instead of tossing it into a plastic bag aka the American way of saying thanks. I prefer the French style of showing customer appreciation, which is why I’m pleased that Basic French feels the same. They will gift wrap your order completely free of charge upon request. How sweet is that?

Thanks Carol for the tip!

(images from Basic French)

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Chicago Apartment Therapy

Chicago. Great shopping. Amazing music. The Bulls. Deep dish pizza. Oprah. And now, you have Apartment Therapy. Check out the new AT Chicago here.

::sigh:: Maybe AT will come to Boston someday.

(image from Apartment Therapy)

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See Jane Work

See husband in total confusion over why Holly would need a $90 Hable Construction tote box.


Honey, they’re for my magazines. You know, get them off the floor and into something pretty.

Why don’t you toss your magazines, Holly?

Why don’t you toss your music collection, sweetie?

Husband gets point. He didn’t realize attachment to decorating magazines ran so deep.

See Holly spend.

And spend I did. After speaking with the lovely Heidi last night at See Jane Work, I managed to drop $170 ($134 after Domino discount, see April issue page 168 for details) on Jane goods. I picked up some seriously sweet items for my home office, totally justified (can’t I write this stuff off?) which makes work so much more fun.

If you haven’t shopped at See Jane Work lately, you have to flip through their lovely website.

Don’t miss Jane and her Pulling It All Together feature, with great tips on organizing your life (scroll to the bottom of the page for more tips, like how to make cubicle life a little sweeter).

Here’s a recent decor8 post about See Jane Work if you’re looking for some simple solutions for organizing your work space.

(images from see jane work)

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I just love the guys over at Vessel. Maybe I’m partial because they’re located in Boston on the border of Chinatown next to one of my favorite dim sum restaurants. When I worked on Federal Street, I lived in Chinatown on my lunch hour. I wish Vessel had been around back then, as I would have returned with dim sum doggie bags and funky candelas in fashion colors.

Speaking of candelas, Vessel has made a few changes and I couldn’t be happier. First, they’ve decided to allow us, the happy consumers, to mix ‘n match the colors we want when purchasing their light sets. I plan to head over there this weekend to start mixing and matching my way into lighted bliss!

Next, they’re having this great sale on their fusionware collection, a collection that I love because of one simple bowl – the fusionware white bowl that gives you a cool place to grip hot soup (so smart!) and a place to add some extra seasoning, a spot of jam, some nuts, or perhaps a place to add your vitamins so you don’t forget them while enjoying your morning kashi. I also couldn’t love their fusionware plates more because the design is fantastic – finally a space for condiments that separate them with a mini wall of protection…no more ketchup running into your food. Best of all, from now until April 15, fusionware is 30% off!

If you missed our store tour of Vessel, click here to check it out.

(photo from vessel)

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