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Jamali Garden Supplies

decor8 reader Maryam sent over a tip about a store called Jamali Garden Supplies that sells some nifty wood vases. Intrigued, I had to take a peek. She had this to say about them…

“I order from these guys all the time. Their prices are so, so reasonable. I recently bought 10 vases from them (not kidding). Check out their website if you haven’t already.”

In addition to their lovely wood vases, these green pearl-like ceramic cylinders caught my eye along with all of the bamboo goodies (love the willow fence!). Their floral supplies are great (especially the rainbow oasis in lime green), and the oodles of beautiful ribbon that they carry – yum! This store makes me want to buy some fresh flowers at the farm nearby and put together an arrangement for my kitchen. Walking through the pages of this site certainly gave me a warm feeling. All the hours spent with my mother growing up, watching her arrange flowers and seeing the joy on her face when she completed something. I loved helping her collect flowers and shop for wire and oasis, the perfect ribbons, the best containers… It was so nice growing up with someone so in love with nature and design, merging the two into a passion that she still practices. I’ve always dreamt of opening a flower/design studio – fresh flowers and home decor. I’m not yet living in an area where I would want to tie myself to a brick and mortar business, at least not yet. Oh the thought of it. Sondi if you’re reading this, remember our conversations in my barn as we flipped through design books? Wouldn’t it be lovely?

Great tip, Maryam!

(photo from Jamali. quote from Maryam)

Posted in uncategorized on March 29, 2006

Russell + Hazel Newbies

Filing and stationery never looked so good with the new Audrey collection at Russell + Hazel. I love the file holder handbags – great for power lunching and nights when you must take your work home with you.

“With details inspired by vintage architecture, classic Hollywood and the textures of contemporary couture, Audrey products are a pleasure to use and a sight to behold.”

Also, don’t miss their new mini accessories, fun rubber bands, and if you live in the Minneapolis area, you can visit their new flagship store located at 4388 France Avenue S. For the rest of us, take an online tour of their new digs here.

(photos and quote from russell + hazel)

Posted in Rooms, Stationery on March 29, 2006

Ivana Helsinki

A great article arrived today via email about designer Paola Suhonenon and her collection, Ivana Helsinki, from at Refinery 29.

“Beginning mid-century, Scandinavia set the stage for modern minimalist design marked by functionality. While Sweden and Denmark cornered industrial design, Finland found a fit with textiles and has provided decades of invigorating solutions to the medium. Today, a modest outfit called Ivana Helsinki carries on the tradition, turning out a spectrum of offerings (from womenswear to bedding), which echoes the country?s long love affair with brilliant textiles…”

…to continue reading the article, click here.

(quote from Emily Virgil’s Storytelling at Refinery 29. Photo from Ivana Helsinki.)

Posted in uncategorized on March 29, 2006

coffee + cre8tive [mar 29 06]

I can’t believe that April is just around the corner. Today should hit 60 degrees, so after I meet a few deadlines, I’m going for a long walk in the orchards behind my house to enjoy the day. This is one of many things that I love about the freelance lifestyle. I can come and go as I please. When I was tied to a corporate job, I could only break away for lunch and even then, I felt guilty leaving because I knew that once I returned to my desk, I’d have twice as much work, a penalty I’d pay for taking lunch. When you work for yourself, you can lunch anytime, go for a walk whenever you see fit, enjoy the simple pleasure of being in control of your schedule. It still feels like such a luxury to me to not go to the office everyday.

Today is about being grateful. Grateful for things I had to change in my life that were hard to walk away from, like a corporate job with a steady income. My check arrived every single Friday. There was safety in that. Safety can also be dangerous. It keeps you in a situation for the wrong reasons. You’re doing it because it feels safe. But what really is safe? It’s a feeling of comfort, that you’ve been there before and know it well enough to feel safe doing it again. Safe is not risk taking. Safe is not living your life in a way that gives you a chance to amaze yourself. Safe is just safe. I’m not knocking how important stability is in life. We need solid friendships and a good strong family. We need to come home at night to a safe loving environment. I propose that if you are reading this, think of a way that you can do something today that doesn’t feel safe. I don’t advocate running into traffic. Something less extreme. Buy a new lipstick, a color you’ve avoided in the past. Get a fresh new hair cut, you know you’ve had that style for years. Splurge on one really great pair of shoes and throw away the receipt. Paint your walls bright yellow.

Whenever I think about April, I picture daffodils, tulips, and baby animals. A time of growth. A time of change. Think about ways that you can grow and change. Break the comfort zone. Live. There is power in change. Look at the landscape around you, grass and buds are emerging. Let’s all be a part of that growth.

(‘Flower Power’ from Christy Kinard, image from the wonderful Jules Place, an exquisite gallery located in the South End, Boston, MA. Many of Kinard’s paintings can be viewed at Jules Place. Contact them for details if you’re interested in purchasing.)

Posted in uncategorized on March 29, 2006


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