Fabulous Stationery

April 12, 2006

Fabulous Stationery

I’ve been gifted by an admirer and I simply can’t believe it. It feels so good to get a package with your name on it from someone that you never in the world expected would shower you for no reason at all – well, other than they like your blog. It’s funny, at first I didn’t think of my blog as anything more than a way to catalog things that I find so I can easily reference them at a later date for articles or clients. I also wanted a spot for my clients to visit, along with my friends, so they could check out things that I find since I’m known in my circle as being a research freak. It’s nice that decor8, after only 3 months, has a small following and for that, I really appreciate all of your support. It means a lot when your emails arrive, and I’m excited that what started out so small became something that people actually read and look forward to daily. I encourage everyone to blog because this experience has really enriched my life and I’m really grateful to all 3,000+ of you that check in daily for making this experience something that I look forward to waking up to each day. It’s so nice.

Okay, enough mush. Back to shopping.

When I unwrapped my package, I found inside customized stationery from Fabulous Stationery, a Philly based advertising agency that has been designing personal stationery for over 20 years. Their designs make for a stunning presentation online, but in person, whoa. Totally over the top beautiful. Sure, you can find pretty stationery at many gift stores, but stationery announcing your bridal shower or new baby boy doesn’t often come in such an array of contemporary designs like the ones offered at Fabulous Stationery. My cards (design shown top left) arrived with my full name on them and I must confess, they are so pretty I want to keep them all to myself. I know, I know… that’s not the intended purpose of cards, but still. If you love paper products, you must understand where I’m coming from. It’s often so hard to part with pretty paper. Fortunately for all of us, they offer so many stunning designs that I can always order more (and more and more and, well, more!). You should really check them out.

If you’re reading this, thanks so much, Julie + Jay!

Fabulous Stationery
(photos from fabulous stationery)


  • Reply susan April 12, 2006 at 11:19 pm

    Hey Holly,
    I am so glad that you received some of Trish Dimasi’s Fabulous Stationery! Her work is the best and she is a doll of a person. I did an interview with her back on March 17th (if you care to see it!)and she gifted me some of her line! I was thrilled and thought that her return address windows were ingenious! Great stuff to see here on your blog too…
    great designing women making things one at a time with love and care!

  • Reply susan April 12, 2006 at 11:27 pm

    Hey Holly,
    So glad you got gifted! And with Trish Dimasi’s Fabulous stationery it just doesn’t get any better than that! I did an interview with her back on March 17th(if you want to see more!) and she sent me some of her Halo stationery as a thankyou. Blew me away and the work was so quality, right down to those fabulous return window envelopes. She is a great designer and does it the high quality way, one work at a time. Hooray for quality and women designers!

  • Reply Anonymous April 13, 2006 at 10:53 pm



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