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Interiors Europe

Quick post about Interiors Europe, a lush wallpaper supplier out of Surrey, England with an online store. Great resource to bookmark. They can deliver to any country, offer free samples, and you can actually purchase one roll because there are no minimum order requirements. You also don’t have to be part of ‘the trade’ to order (gosh, interior design can often feel so ‘clubby’, can’t it?).“Interiors Europe?s wallcoverings collection is the largest of its kind in the South of England, based in Surrey, UK. Interiors Europe endeavours to make available the widest selection of wallcovering from cutting edge designs to traditional styles, with many of these ranges being previously unavailable to the public. We guarantee to cater for a broad spectrum of tastes, ages, budget and interior styles.”

(image and quote from interiors europe)

Posted in Rooms on April 22, 2006

See Jane Work

Add a touch of color to your desk with accessories from See Jane Work! Love these plaid journals by Kate Spade for $22.95 each. And these Jane Boatman Geller notepads in preppy prints (these izod lacoste style crocodile pads rock!) aren’t they the sweetest for $11.25?

By the way, while browsing the lacoste USA site, this great song played by Zero 7 called “Destiny”, isn’t it great?

Back to Jane. Here’s another item that I like, the foldable shopping bag. Priced at only $10, it provides the perfect storage solution for when you’re dashing around the farmers’ market or while visiting your local flea and need a sturdy bag to carry your treasures in. My husband is big on BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag), and since he’s German and most stores there don’t freely hand out bags at the register, I’m now in the habit of carrying a bag with me wherever I go. With today being Earth Day, it may be a good idea for you to consider purchasing a foldable shopping bag, you not save space in the landfill, but you’ll sport a stylish $10 tote, too.

In addition to the tote, look what $55 can buy you these days? A handy rolling cart, that’s what. Most of our friends living in Europe have these things, and they swear by them. I plan on attending the Brimfield Show again this year, so I’m thinking of purchasing one of these since it will make life a lot easier for me. What do you think, can you see yourself using something like this?

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(images from see jane work)

Posted in uncategorized on April 22, 2006

Greener Grass Design

Fresh finds from Judy Ross at Greener Grass Design. Check out her pretty clover pillows, each meticulously hand embroidered using New Zealand hand-dyed wool. They aren’t a budget find at $190 each, but they sure are pretty!

I also like these LUX-US Lighted cubes. Joey, if you’re reading this, I can totally picture these in your loft. Buy them. Now. :)

(images from greener grass design)

Posted in uncategorized on April 22, 2006

coffee + cre8tive [apr 22 06]

The May Domino has arrived, but not at my door. I just spotted it on the Domino website while browsing the Daily Dot. I’m super excited, though I do wonder what happened to my subscription copy this month… Maybe those darn postal workers are gathered around my issue in the back room at the local post office, flipping through every lush page of my Domino issue, marking all of their fresh finds with those tabs. Grrrrr.

You know what I find funny about myself (feel free to add to this har har), and maybe you feel the same way, but I actually get excited about Domino magazine and anticipate every single issue. The only other magazine that I was nuts over until Domino came along was Home Companion magazine because, although it caters more to cottage crowd, the designers that they feature and the beautiful pages are swoonworthy, indeed. You’ll want to clip every page and add it to your inspiration board. I’m actually having lunch with the Publisher in July on my way down to NYC, something I’m looking forward to. Have you ever checked out Home Companion? It will spark your creativity, for sure!

Domino is by far one of my favorite magazines, most of all because I love the covers (real people vs. celebs) and that I can actually afford most of what I see in it. They also do an amazing job spotting trends and cataloging all the items featured in each issue. Although I love the eye candy of Elle Decor and go totally nuts over Living Etc. (UK) and Ideal Home (UK), most of the items in those magazines are wayyy out of my reach. Domino also offers a lot of great advice (love the Renovator’s Notebook) and tends to lean towards offering design for all budgets, focusing mostly on the modest ones. From scouting to nesting, Domino is the perfect read!

(images from domino and home companion)

Posted in uncategorized on April 22, 2006


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