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Amy Butler – New Book + Stationery!

If I keep this up, you’re going to think I’m working for Amy. I know I post about her often, but I really love her patterns and fabric and now life just got better for all of us. She is launching her first sewing book called, “Amy Butler’s In Stitches” published by Chronicle Books. With 24 simple projects for styling every part of your life, the book features home and personal style projects along with some of Amy’s favorite new bag designs. The book will be available in stores in late August/ early September. I’m very excited about this book launch, and if the contents are anything like the cover, we’re all in for major eye candy with a twist – projects we can use to spruce up our space.

If you missed Amy’s first book, “Found Style” published in 2003, you can pick it up online at Chronicle Books.

In addition to her new sewing book, here is more about what Amy is cooking up for 2007:

In addition to her sewing book, Amy is releasing a “Amy Butler’s Sew It Kit”, also with Chronicle Books. The kit includes 10 projects from the book and 5 brand new projects including fabric and supplies to make one of the new projects. The kit will launch in Spring 2007.

The brand new Amy Butler stationery line will also launch in Spring 2007 with Chronicle Giftworks. The collection is called “Sunblooms” and will feature a boxed stationery set, gift journal, and a boxed notecard set. The artwork is from her favorite prints from previous fabric collections.

Amy has received some really great press recently:
– Country Living Magazine – March 2006 issue, Amy was one of 8 featured women entrepreneurs.
– Recently featured in a Pod Cast interview with Boutique Cafe.
– Appeared as a guest blogger on Quilters Buzz.

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(images from Amy Butler)

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Japanese Fashion Magazines

I’ve started something dangerous today with all these Japanese posts. Total downhill spiral. But for me, it’s actually quite enjoyable, and I’m hoping for you as well. I don’t usually post about fashion because that’s a whole other side of me that would take hours of blogging to discuss, and I’d rather leave that up to the fashionistas out there with all the beautiful fashion blogs that already exist. I try so hard to stick to blogging about home design because I know more about it, but it’s often fashion that inspires design (actually very often) so I think staying in tune with current fashion trends gives us a good idea of what we may see in home decor.

Since I have stacks of magazines in my home from all over America, Australia, Canada and Europe (bad habit of mine), I didn’t need to find out about Japanese fashion magazines. I didn’t need to learn about them at all because now, I’m going to obsess about where I can purchase them and once I do, I’ll be waiting again for packages to arrive so I can fuel this magazine craving even more. Just when you think you’ve found every interesting magazine that exists, you remember that there are more countries out there (uh, duh) and even more interesting artists and designers in the world that you’ve never heard of and… and.. It’s just mind numbing to think about all you don’t know about it. I’m babbling.

So, with all that being said (I tend to get chatty when I’m excited, and as you’ve come to know, I’m excited a lot on this blog), here are some Japanese magazines that you’re sure to love, that is, if you can find them in your local hood. For those of you in San Francisco, New York and Seattle, there are bookstores there called (kinokuniya), maybe they have them? I visited kinokuniya in S.F. and I recall it was stocked with lots of great magazines. There’s also this excellent online resource called Crafting Japanese that lists many store links in the left column, so check that out if you want to try to find Japanese glossies.

For your Japanese fashion fix, visit:

Non-no Wedding
Seventeen (Japanese version of the tweeny mag we carry in the U.S. for the Olsen crowd.)
Lee (Which actually seems to be a home decor magazine. Wait. There’s more. They have an online store as well called Lee Marche’)
Spur (looks more upscale or couture, like a Vogue)

If you’re outside of the U.S. you can find some of the above magazines at Japan Centre based in the UK.

(images from s-woman)

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Inspiring Images from Japanese Craft Books

decor8 reader Emy from Sicily told me about this great flickr craft pool that posts inspiring images from Japanese craft books so of course I had to snoop around. I’m certain most of you will really love browsing these 2,400+ photos, 150 pages worth of inspiration. I think I’m going to print some of the ones I like in full color and use the images to paste into my look books.

Thanks, Emy!

(photos from flickr craftbooks/pool)

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Zara Home

The fabulous trend-spotter, Imedagoze over in Singapore wrote all about Zara Home on her blog yesterday, which is a store that I’d not heard of before. I’ve shopped at Zara before for clothing, but didn’t realize that they had home stores. From the looks of them, they are quite fantastic, too. Has anyone ever experienced Zara Home in your part of the world? We don’t have them here in the states, but according to their website, the closest one to me is at 79-83 Brompton Road in London. Just a quick hop over the pond (ha!).

Imelda, thanks for posting about this fab find!

(Paola, if you’re reading these, please check it out and report in before you relo to Seattle, I’d love to get your thoughts on the in-store experience!)

(images from imedagoze)

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