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Tortoise + Mori Masahiro Ceramics

So many beautiful wares from Japan to enjoy on the Tortoise website where ‘long and steady’ is the motto. Tortoise is an online store that I recently discovered while searching for Mori Masahiro ceramics.

I was fortunate to discover his mori cups on clearance for only $2 each at a local Homegoods store recently. I didn’t need more than one, I simply purchased it because I loved the smooth form, the simplicity of pure white and curves, and I needed a pencil cup. For a mere $2, it appeared to be the perfect budget solution. I guess the average shopper wasn’t interested in these $2 finds, maybe because they weren’t shaped like your typical drinking vessel. What they didn’t realize, myself included, is that these cups were designed especially for the blind by Mori Masahiro. He created them back in 1969 to help blind people tactically distinguish one cup from another back. I was excited after I arrived at home to research my $2 find. It made this lonely little clearance item that no one else wanted so much more of a gem to me. I’m sure you’ve experienced this before yourself.

I hope you enjoy Masahiro and the many other clean modern designer wares on the Tortoise website. In addition to the Masahiro ceramics, I think you’ll also enjoy the Tin Sake Set and the cherry veneer Mokusei Lamp.

To learn more about the husband and wife team behind the company, click here. Also something of interest: The Tortoise newsletter.

psst: If you’re in Venice, California, you can visit their brick and mortar store (shown below) at 1208 Abbot Kinney Blvd from noon-6pm or by appointment. Please note, they are closed on Monday and Tuesday.

(images from tortoise)

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MoMA Design Store – Save 20%

Just in! Fresh sale at the MoMA Design Store from April 18 – Sunday, April 23. MoMa Stores welcome spring and moms everywhere with fresh colors, forms and materials. I’ll always love my MoMA!

To save 20% on your purchase, visit their online store and enter promotion code 6VIP2 at the end of the checkout process. Pass on this special offer to help support the Museum of Modern Art! (via: Top Button).

(images from MoMA)

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Links + Sponsors + Books, oh my!

LINKS: Don’t miss all of the new links posted in the right column, posted fresh this morning. Look for the * and clicky, clicky! You’ll love all the new Paris links too. Many of the places I’ve posted are stores that I’ve visited in Virginia, Califorinia, Berlin, Paris, London, etc. so I know first hand that these places are terrific. When in Paris, don’t miss the Louvre gift shop after seeing the lovely Miss Mona Lisa. In Berlin, shop and eat at KaDeWe. Also, many links arrived via email from decor8 readers bragging about their favorite local home stores, so thank you all for your tips!

SPONSORS: I’d like to welcome a new sponsor – the trend spotting queen of the net, Buss Buss. Don’t miss some of my favorites that Miss Kelly selected for us this week like the coasters and handbag hangers (great storage solution for bag queens) from Simply Sarah Shaw. Buss Buss also introduced us to Calliope with their lovely assortment of all things cute for the home, and this swoonworthy Paper Pad Notepad constructed of pretty papers to keep you inspired from One Good Bumblebee (the cover says, “drool inducing” and they’re not kidding!). Last but not least, another one of my Buss Buss favorites this week is from the creative Jennifer at Sprout Studio. Check out these teacup tiles, rings, and magnets. Another Buss Buss suggestion – don’t miss this $48 hot kiss print Trench Coat at Nordstroms. What a deal for something so sweet.

BOOKS: I’ll be posting a new book of the week today, so stay tuned. See you soon!

(images: top: sprout studio. bottom: sprout studio + one good bumblebee.)

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Nigella Lawson

Ah Nigella. Can this lady get any better? Many of us already have a huge girl crush on her. Between her passionate cooking skills, winning personality, feminine natural beauty (with curves, yeah!), and helpful line of products for the kitchen, she pretty much rules as far as I am concerned. Oh, and that accent. Plus, she shares her love of cooking through many splendid books in which you can feast your eyes on the pages before feasting on your homemade meal immediately after. Here are a few of her new products for the kitchen. Visit her website for pricing and retail locations.

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(images from nigella lawson)

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