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Sunday Musings…

Happy Sunday!

I’m home enjoying the quiet time of a typical Sunday morning. It’s nice to pause and reflect. I spent time chatting with my friend this morning, Katie, who is on her way to Brooklyn and then, down to Philly for a week of having fun with friends. I’m going to miss her, but fortunately, she’ll be back soon and we’ll be spending time together later this month. She went on a date last night so we had a lot to dish about. She’s nearly 27, so she’s trying to find a nice person to get serious with. I’d love to see her find someone that makes her happy and who is loyal and loving. Every girl deserves that. After our chat, I listened to a few of my new CDs (I’m in love with Natasha Bedingfield’s song, “I Bruise Easily”, especially the great video, it’s just beautiful, fluid, and I love her Geisha attire in the video.) as I flipped through some magazines. After than, I found myself online reading this great article on the V+A website about wallpaper, I think you’ll really enjoy the history lesson. Wouldn’t you love to flip through the wallpaper books shown above? They contain wallpaper samples from a pattern book dating between 1837-1844. Drool.

After V+A, I somehow landed on the IKEA page. Question, what do you think about this new Knappa Klover light from IKEA? I really like it, the curves relax me, very pretty. It reminds me of those pinwheels that you blow into as a kid and, of course, clovers. A nice find for $24.99. I’m also feelin’ their new Knappa Tulpan floor lamp, it has a great tulip shape for only $49.99, which is a great buy for modern lighting.

I’m heading out now to take a walk in the orchards, I want to find some wildflowers for my kitchen, but first here’s a very sweet photo of a visitor I had on my windowsill this morning. I heard the sounds of doves when I awoke and turned my head to see two turtledoves looking in the window at me. Here’s one peeking in… Isn’t this the cutest?

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve added a new link to my ‘about’ section in the right column that includes a few photos of me and my husband, so check it out if you want to take a peek into my world. The photos featured there were taken within the past 8 months. I got the idea to do a collage from Joy’s great blog. The most recent one is in the top left corner, that’s what I look like now as in a few days ago. In addition to the ‘my world’ link, I’ve also added lots of new shopping links for NH, San Diego, etc. Just look for the *.

Wishing you a really happy Sunday and I’ll see you back here tomorrow with more fresh finds, a great selection of design magazines published outside of America that I highly suggest, and of course, lots of design to dish about.

(photos: top: victoria + albert website. middle: ikea bottom: morning doves, Copyright 2006 decor8.)

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Modern Parents and Everyone Else

Happy Saturday!
Stop. If you’re not a parent, I don’t want you to see this post and say, “Oh this doesn’t apply to me.” Whether you’re a parent now, a future parent, or just a quirky fun person that loves to sugar coat your space with playful objects, this post applies to you. If you’re not a parent, have you thought to scour websites that feature kids stuff for exciting additions to your own space? Lots of sites for children feature decor that appeals to parents and non-parents alike. I’ve found some great things at Pottery Barn Teen, like this Longboard Chalkboard, the Beadboard Message Center, a really neat Beadboard Magazine Rack, colorful Wall-to-Wall Frames, and a great budget table lamp called the Bubble. The Shadowbox Wall Frames are great for your home office, and I think the Dottie Storage Bins would make for terrific handbag storage in your closet (I love that you can insert a label or a photo of what’s inside).

If you want to try shopping at some other kiddie stores, Yoya Shop is a cute stop on your list. They appeal to the kid in us all. I love the graphics on their Japanese Kaikai Kiki postcards and the Pan Chan elephants are just too cute. While you’re out clicking around, hop on over to Boon for the cutest frog pod in the world, perfect for storing and scooping toys and soaps for your little one. If you don’t have children, but frequently find yourself on babysitter patrol, you may want to keep a frog pod in your house. Available at Target for $24.99.

After hitting Yoya and Boon, click on over to Hive Modern for the perfect Pisellino Cotton Swab Holder by Alessi. Then you can visit Magic Beans for a cranberry lunch tote from Built NY. You’re next stop on our list is Modern Mini, another adorable modern website for parents and kids. I love the wall candy stripes for $40 (so much easier than painting them!) and the colorware sets. Again, if you’re not a parent, you can find lots of good stuff at most of these sites for yourself as well as sweet gifts for your friends.

Now, let’s check out Modern Seed for a few fresh finds. If you love bright cheery books with fun graphics, Bruno Munari’s ABC’s may be a cute book to own. I think everyone should have a few good children’s books because chances are, someone is going to visit you with their children at some point in your life and having a few books for the kiddies on hand will make their visit a lot more enjoyable and the kids will love you and think that you are just the coolest. Modern Seed also has a unique Nightlight Owl Baby Zoo Rug that promises you’ll never fumble around again in the dark, ever. Last on the list, here’s a budget find – the Spring Placemat Set. They’re both hip and easy to clean, made of blonde plywood backed with cork featuring a screened print of trees, birds and flowers.

There are many more online shopping destinations for kids, but I’m sure those will keep you occupied for awhile. Oh, and if you’re a proud parent, here are some fun websites you may enjoy…

Hot Moms Club
(I’m not a mom but I love this site!)
Modern Mom
Baby Boy Blog
Swanky Moms

Giving credit where credit is due: Some of the above products were spotted on the ever so cute coochicoos blog. You simply must check them out. Ga-ga-goo!

If you have any sites you’d like to suggest that fall into this category, please comment below!


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Amy Ruppel Art + Pillows

Amy Ruppel has some fresh new works available at Velocity Art + Design that I’m really loving… What do you think? I’m so happy that the bird trend is still flying high because for awhile, I was scared it would be replaced by something else, like antlers. In addition to her super fabulous works of art, you can also grab a few of her sweet plume pillows over at eleven twenty five.

(photos from velocity art + design and eleven twenty five)

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Rosa Pomar – Handmade Dolls from Portugal

I spotted these Rosa Pomar dolls from Portugal via coochicoos and absolutely had to post about them because I really love them. They look like the dolls my aunt made for me when I was little. I should dig out some photos, which reminds me, do you have any photos of yourself clinging to your favorite doll, either now or as a child? If so, email them to me and I’ll post them. I love dolls so much, why not? It’s our blog space here, we can do what we want, plus it would be fun. You can send me a link to your website too while you’re at it so I can post your dolly photo with a link so people can find you.

Aren’t Rosa’s dolls so beautiful? You can tell they are crafted in love, each of them so unique, sweet, one-of-a-kind. She even numbers them. Working with natural materials including linen, cashmere, wool, cotton, and silk, she hand embellishes her dolls with gorgeous trim from her own personal collection of vintage finds.

Visit Rosa’s website to view her current inventory of dolls. You can purchase them online using your Paypal account.

[updated 4/14 10:17 p.m. – I just found out that you can also order some of Rosa’s dolls at Nurseryworks. Click here to view them.]

(photos from Rosa Pomar)

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