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Amy Ruppel Art + Pillows

Amy Ruppel has some fresh new works available at Velocity Art + Design that I’m really loving… What do you think? I’m so happy that the bird trend is still flying high because for awhile, I was scared it would be replaced by something else, like antlers. In addition to her super fabulous works of art, you can also grab a few of her sweet plume pillows over at eleven twenty five.

(photos from velocity art + design and eleven twenty five)

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Rosa Pomar – Handmade Dolls from Portugal

I spotted these Rosa Pomar dolls from Portugal via coochicoos and absolutely had to post about them because I really love them. They look like the dolls my aunt made for me when I was little. I should dig out some photos, which reminds me, do you have any photos of yourself clinging to your favorite doll, either now or as a child? If so, email them to me and I’ll post them. I love dolls so much, why not? It’s our blog space here, we can do what we want, plus it would be fun. You can send me a link to your website too while you’re at it so I can post your dolly photo with a link so people can find you.

Aren’t Rosa’s dolls so beautiful? You can tell they are crafted in love, each of them so unique, sweet, one-of-a-kind. She even numbers them. Working with natural materials including linen, cashmere, wool, cotton, and silk, she hand embellishes her dolls with gorgeous trim from her own personal collection of vintage finds.

Visit Rosa’s website to view her current inventory of dolls. You can purchase them online using your Paypal account.

[updated 4/14 10:17 p.m. – I just found out that you can also order some of Rosa’s dolls at Nurseryworks. Click here to view them.]

(photos from Rosa Pomar)

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Mini Mod from Rowe Furniture

Here’s note from decor8 reader Jennifer. She did such a nice job pulling together this information about the Mini Mod furniture line from Rowe that I’m going to let her take the stage…

Hey, I’m an avid reader of your website and think you are doing an awesome job! Like most people in their low twenties, I live in a small space and thought fellow readers would be interested in looking into Rowe Furniture’s Mini Mod collection. It’s the perfect solution to furnishing small spaces, 4 th floor walk-ups, and irregularly shaped spaces. It’s also perfect for people that move a lot and don’t want to break their backs trying to carry their sofa, trust me, I speak from experience. I’m a huge fan of the Broadway sofa and chair I bought last year because it fits just as perfectly in my new studio apartment as it did in my one bedroom with den apartment I was living in when I purchased the furniture.

While checking out Rowe’s website, I recently learned that Mini Mod is a whole contemporary collection of small scale sofas, sectionals and chairs, which come in a variety of fun fabrics, including really cool 1960’s inspired geometric prints and stripes. It’s awesome to see that Rowe designed with us in mind, consumers looking to decorate modest sized living spaces and not looking to spend a fortune. The smaller size doesn’t affect the comfort either; my Broadway sofa spaciously fits two.

Below are pictures of Mini Mod’s Broadway sofa and chair from the website. The Broadway sofa measures L71″ x D34″ x H36″. I bought it for $699 (USD) but the prices vary based on fabrics and the retailer. The Broadway chair measures L26″ x D35″ x H37″ and I bought it for $399 (USD), but again, the price will vary. Hope you enjoy the Mini Mod collection as much as I did and pass it on to the readers. Keep up the good work! – Jen

Thanks Jen for the tip!

(images from rowe furniture)

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How To Measure For Custom Blinds

Gina from Atlanta wrote in asking for advice on how to measure for custom blinds. I’ve pulled together a few easy steps below that may help you based on my own personal experience measuring for for clients.

“I am hoping that you can give me some help me on a small project that my husband and I are about to embark on this weekend. We are renovating part of our new condo and plan to install blinds in two rooms. My question is, how the heck do you measure for these things? I don’t want to order custom blinds and have them arrive not fitting properly. Any quick advice? Oh and do you know of places online that I can check out blinds and maybe even order them?” -Gina

Sure Gina. Here’s a little guide I’ve written just for you!

How to Measure for Custom Blinds

1) First of all, look at the type of window casing you have and also notice the architectural details that surround that window. This may dictate whether or not you want to mount the blinds on the inside or on the outside of the frame. You wouldn’t want to hide arch details with a shade. In this case, I’m guessing your windows are pretty basic since it’s a condo…

2) If you plan to mount on the inside, measure the width of the window from one edge to the other (outside of the casing). It’s a good idea to measure the top part of the window, the middle, and then towards the bottom since some windows (especially in older homes) are not always uniform in width. To measure the height of the window, start at the top inside edge of the window and extend the measuring tape all the way to the top of your window sill.

3) If you’ve decided to mount your blinds on the outside, measure the width from one side of the outer most edge of the window casing to the other side. You may want to add 1/2″ on each side of this measurement because if you don’t, you may have gaps which certainly won’t allow for much privacy! Next step is to measure the height. Start at the top edge of the casing and measure to the lowest point that you’d like to see the blinds cover. Keep in mind that most blind manufacturers already compensate for all the various window lengths out there by adding extra materials (like wood) or fabric into the design of the blinds at either the top or the bottom.

In addition, here are a few places online that I suggest shopping for blinds:

American Blinds + Wallpaper

Just Blinds

Smith + Noble– my favorite, although in some cases, a little more expensive but worth it if you want something different. They also send you lots of free samples and offer beautiful shades and blinds trimmed in modern fabrics. They also have the best fashion solar roman shades out there.

Thanks for writing in, Lisa!

If anyone else would like some quick design advice, please send me an email at decor8blog[at]yahoo[dot]com.

(images from smith + noble)

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