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coffee + cre8tive [apr 11 06]

Do you maintain an inspiration journal? I’ll be back with a fun Spring project for you! Here’s a photo of one from my collection…

(photo Copyright decor8 2006)

Posted in uncategorized on April 11, 2006

Jane + Jenni

After visiting Brookdale yesterday, I came home with a few things from the gift shop that I’m quite fond of, most of which are from a cutie pie company called Jane + Jenni. Quirky and fun, zesty bold graphics proudly displayed on mugs, pins, coasters, luggage tags, magnets, charms, keychains…even sweet little packages of breath mints – love at first bite!

(photos: top two from jane + jenni. bottom photo, Copyright decor8 2006)

Posted in uncategorized on April 10, 2006

Brookdale Farms

In my coffee + cre8tive post this morning, I mentioned a nearby farm that I frequent for fresh produce and flowers called Brookdale Farms. Visiting the farm is a simple pleasure that I enjoy, especially since I’m a city girl and until now, never had the opportunity to live near a working farm before.

Brookdale Farms

We often enjoy walks through the orchards at night to discuss our day while enjoying the sunset over golden fields. We also pick strawberries and apples on the farm when they are in season, and feed the one and only resident sheep fresh grass. A cute story from last night – I walked over to the farms with my husband to feed the lone sheep. I think that I fed him a little too much grass though, because when we started to leave, he made all these strange sheep sounds and started bucking around in his pen like a little bronco – I guess all the fresh greens perked him up quite a bit. He acted a little nutty. I began to wonder what was in the grass, you know? But it was cute because he was happy and making that connection to an animal is something that I personally find great joy in. It’s beautiful. Even if it’s just a nutty sheep that I’ve nicknamed Charlie.


faded beauty

Brookdale Farms

Brookdale Farms

Brookdale Farms

Brookdale Farms

Brookdale Farms

Brookdale Farms

Brookdale Farms

If you’re in the New England area and fancy a country drive, why not visit Brookdale in New Hampshire? It’s packed on the weekends with Bostonians looking for fresh air and colorful blooms. Learn more about Brookdale…

I’ve taken a few photos of Brookdale from inside the shop, they’ve just renovated the entire store to include more gift items, so I now have the pleasure of residing near a fabulous gift shop as well as a farm, all within 100 steps from my front door. I snapped a photo of their greenhouse space, which is bare at the moment but in another month, it will transform into a lush humid paradise with wall-to-wall flowers and plants.

I hope all those of you that read decor8 from other parts of the world will enjoy peeking in on a special country store that I regularly shop at, here in my part of the world.

(Photos: Holly Becker for decor8)

Posted in Shop Tours, trends on April 10, 2006

Black Ink – Harvard Square

With home accessories and stationery from floor to ceiling, Black Ink is a haven for those of us that love to linger over beautiful little things. With two Boston area locations (Beacon Hill Boston and Harvard Square Cambridge), and a sister store, MUT in Cambridge, Black Ink delivers products dripping with sweetness, satisfaction wrapped in bright candy colors on every shelf. We loved their books, like my favorite, Japan Houses mixed in with yummy cards from egg press and snow + graham. Here are a few photos that I snapped on Saturday so you could get a glimpse of the store – that way, if you’re ever in Boston you can add this shop to your ‘must shop’ list.

(photos Copyright decor8 2006)

Posted in uncategorized on April 10, 2006


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