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Nurseryworks at 2Modern

Nurseryworks is such a clever company. They specialize in baby furniture and bedding that adapts to suit the needs of your growing little bundle of joy. As your child grows, you can fold some of the items into other spaces in your home, like this Macaroni rug. Perk of the purchase is this – this sweet Macaroni rug is adaptable because it’s not loaded with typical nursery room images like farm animals or cartoon characters. (There’s even bedding to match!) It will look great outside of the nursery as well, especially when your little bundle grows into an opinionated kindergartner that wants a Hello Kitty theme bedroom. You may have to drag the Macaroni into a new room, and in this case you can because it will fold nicely into your adult decor. Priced from $290-$790 with free shipping.

(Photos from 2Modern)

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Modern Basics

Fresh finds for Spring! Modern Basics has a fresh line of contemporary home furnishings that you’ll love. Bring some cool happy colors into your nest to spruce things up for Spring. You can learn more about this Atlanta based company here, or visit 2Modern for pricing and to make a purchase. Choose from some of my favorites, like the Boo Baby blanket for $40, set of 4 blooming fabric coasters for $24, the bloom pillow for $65, and the stripey racer pillow $72. Think you’re limited to green and blue? Oh no… all of the above patterns are available in a broad range of color choices like pink, brown and terra cotta, too. All Modern Basics’ products are made in the USA.

psst: 2Modern offers free shipping on orders $50+.

(photos from 2Modern)

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OrganizingLA – Great Blog!

I stumbled upon a terrific blog last night devoted to organizing the home called Organizing LA. (Learn about John Trosko, a professional organizer and owner of OrganizingLA, here.) I couldn’t stop reading it – this man offers amazing tips + tricks for whipping your dishoveled mess (and we all have them lurking somewhere in the house) into shape and if you’re fortunate enough to live in the LA area, his team will visit your home to help organize your space in a jiffy.

“Invest in your space—make it beautiful, functional and truly a special place that enables you to succeed and relax.”

(quote from John’s blog)

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coffee + cre8tive [apr 10 06]

Spring. New beginnings. Whether you have a tiny balcony in your city apartment, or a huge yard in suburbia, you’ll want to begin planting and developing your garden right about now. Hopefully, this past weekend gave you a head start. I spend part of yesterday afternoon working on a rock garden near my front door. It felt good to feel the earth between my fingers, to collect pretty rocks and arrange them, breathe in fresh air and feel the sunlight on my back as I planted. These simple pleasures give our garden a makeover while restoring our well being and energy. We are giving but also getting – cultivating the earth while the process is also cultivating peace, joy and good thoughts within us.

Here are a few shots of the garden shop next to my country home. It is filled with plants, flowers, gifts, produce, fresh cut flowers, soaps, chocolate… everything! These photos were taken as I stood there deciding which flowers I would carry back home with me. I decided on daffodils for now. I snapped some photos of the inside of the store, so stay with me today, I’ll be back to show you those along with a fun accessories brand I found there that you can view online.

Happy Monday. New week. New possibilities. See what you can do to amaze yourself.

Back soon!

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