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Frau Liebe

Some cutie finds over at Frau Liebe today… Adorable mugs + things.

(images from frau liebe)

Posted in uncategorized on April 28, 2006

Paper Source Boston (plus Chicago Warehouse Sale April 29th)

Let’s say you live in Boston. I’m willing to bet that you’ve never taken a duck tour. When I lived in the city, I only boarded a amphibious landing vehicle when coaxed by my manager who was dying to get the team together for a group event.
After about 15 minutes into the tour, everyone was excitedly chattering about the experience, wondering why we hadn’t done this sooner. Duh. It’s local. You can always take advantage of those closest to you. Not that you should, but you can, so you often do.

I’m sure you’ll agree, when we have something in our own city, be it the Taj Mahal or a swank furniture store, we often take it for granted figuring we’ll get there when we get there, it’s not going anywhere. Sorta like that guy who is smitten with us. He’s been crushing on us since grade school and 25 years later, he still gets tongue-tied in our presence. If we’re single, we refer to this fellow as ‘back up’. If we’re married, it’s confirmation that our butt still looks good and gravity hasn’t pulled everything to the floor yet.

Taking advantage of what we call, the old trusty things in life, is the case between me and my relationship with the local Paper Source. I am fortunate to have about four of them here, and with presence only in six states, I guess I should consider myself lucky. There isn’t even one in Manhattan or Brooklyn, so for once, Bostonian stationery addicts can chant ‘nah nah nah nah nah’ to NY lovers of paper. We have a killer store that they can only dream of. The last time I did a happy dance in front of my NY pals was when the Red Sox pummeled the Yankees at the world series. October 20, ’04 will forever be penned in history as the day Sox citizens were liberated from eight decades of torment at the hands of the Yankees.

Shameful as it sounds, I’ve visited Paper Source a total of about 3 times in my life. That’s about the same number of times I’ve attended a Red Sox game over at Fenway. This in itself is insane given my addiction to paper goods and their amazing selection of products, helpful staff, workshops, and a retail space that appears to be organized by either Martha Stewart or staffers at Real Simple magazine. In other words, what is my problem?

Determined to get down there this weekend, I’ve decided to not only sign up for a workshop (Alternative Printmaking), but to start ‘advance’ shopping online so that once I hit the store, I know straight away where I need to go. By the way, when you browse their site, don’t miss the paper flowers. You won’t be able to resist.

psst: If you are in Chicago this weekend, check out their 70% off warehouse sale on April 29th from 9am-2pm over at 328 South Jefferson Street. If you attend, please report back to us!

(images from paper source)

coffee + cre8tive [apr 28 06]

As a species, we tend to change our minds a lot about everything. Thanks to the internet, the speed in which we’re doing that is quite alarming. Often the sheer amount of choices we have are overwhelming.

When it comes to design, wouldn’t you agree that like fashion, we tend to have our own signature style? Within that, we are faced with many choices. Maybe you are a retro girl that digs bold geometic prints. One minute, you’re adoring chevrons in goldenrod yellow. The next, you’re drawn towards green lattice prints.

Even though I’m a vintage modern girl, I’m currently into fully loaded, fully saturated, fuschia, turquoise and lime. I’m also inexplicably drawn to the Turkish culture, music, design and yearning to visit Istanbul. Again, no clue where this is coming from.

Tell us about your current phase – what are you drawn towards? (comment below)

(images are from scad and can be purchased online here)

Posted in uncategorized on April 28, 2006

Variegated Interview

Wow! Joy is on a roll today with such beautiful posts and a great interview with Jim and Corbett of Variegated, a bedding and home accessories design studio. It’s a must-read, so get to clickin’ and check it out right here.

Nice job, Joy!

(image from Oh Joy!)

Posted in uncategorized on April 27, 2006


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