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IKEA Home Office Makeover CONTEST (USA only)

IKEA and Working Mother Magazine Make The Dream Home Office Happen for Working Moms!

All it takes is 500 words or less. Let us know why you are deserving of a complete home office makeover valued at $3,000. We?ll also choose 4 runners-up who?ll each receive a $500 IKEA home-office shopping spree. IKEA invites all working mothers to express themselves including video clips and photographs to help illustrate the need.

Make it funny, quirky or just plain…desperate!

Enter to win between March 14th – April 25th.

Complete the online entry form today!

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Posted in uncategorized on April 09, 2006

English Creek Gardens

I found this great apothecary jar with a dome lid last year and immediately brought it home filling it with sand and shells. Although pretty, it was hardly functional and with a small home, I need items that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional as well. In this case, the jar could really serve as a storage vessel. Since filling it with pretty shells wasn’t living up to its full potential, I kept churning ideas around in my head – what to do with this thing? I filled it with lemons and limes for the kitchen. It looked super cute and colorful, but fresh fruit under glass made me feel guilty. Plus, it fogged up a lot and the fruit wasn’t happy. Frustrated, I retired the jar to storage for future use. Recently, I decided to update my bathroom to give it a more Vintage Modern/French Farmhouse feel. It was then that I remembered my lonely little jar and how filling it with french milled soaps would make for a nice accent piece, plus it would be a great storage solution for the many soaps that I collect. What do you think?

Looking for a apothecary jar, cloche, copper planter or a pretty English planter? English Creek has a beautiful assortment… Don’t miss their new assortment of tulipieres!

psst: If you’re soon to be wed, try a tussie mussie.

(images copyright decor8 2006)

Posted in uncategorized on April 08, 2006

Sappy Cards

The bright and sunny weather that we experienced earlier took a quick nose dive south, it’s now overcast and raining. Time to listen to my Amelie soundtrack. Somewhat ticked that I didn’t get to enjoy one single ray of sunlight while it lasted (I try to get outside for afternoon walks), I decided to spend time organizing my projects for next week. Suddenly, in pops email from Timothy in Ann Arbor, MI telling me all about his collection of Sappy Cards. There’s nothing more pain-in-the-butt than reading flowery greeting card messages when you’re in a bad mood, but I figured, what the heck and clicked on his link anyway to check out his cards. As soon as I started reading his very un-hallmark messages, I burst out laughing. Mostly sappy, some brutally honest and others downright mean, his cards actually cheered me up with tears of laughter because there are times in life when you really feel like sending someone a message to expose what you’re really feeling. It made me smile to know that Timothy took the time to produce cards that aren’t the typical over-the-top rainbows of joy greetings that you find in your local card aisle, rather sappy cards that mix bitter with sweet. If the recipient really ‘gets’ your humor, sappy cards make them burst out laughing, too.

Some of my favorites:

A white card that is totally blank and boring. The text on the front reads, “Something about this card made me think of you.”


front: When love can be measured by greeting cards

inside: remind me to kill myself.


front: Not to sound like you?re going to die soon or anything, but I?m really glad I?ve had the chance to get to know you.

inside: And if you are going to die soon, I?m really sorry.

and still another…

front: I love you. And it bothers me

inside: And the fact that it bothers me bothers me also.

and finally, one more…

front: After all we?ve been through,

inside: I?ve finally gotten used to you.

Thanks Tim for sharing these with decor8 readers! Sappy Cards are available online at Copacetique.

psst: While visiting Copacetique, don’t forget to surf all their cutie apartment accessories, too.

Posted in uncategorized on April 07, 2006

[CraftBoston] It’s a wrap!

To wrap up our mini tour of the CraftBoston show (thanks for hanging in with me!), here’s a few more vendors that deserve a mention.

Jen Violette – I briefly met Jen and browsed her booth, Jen is a real sweetie and her work is stunning, even more so in person than in photos. She creates both sculptural and functional pieces for the home out of glass. Jen states, “Combining pieces of my rural Vermont surroundings and my love of gardening, I carefully study the world around me to capture the tiny subtleties and distinct characteristics of the organic forms I portray in glass.”

Katherine Koehler – Based in NYC, this exciting and innovative jewelry designer is fresh and hip – with some her bold designs screaming Paris runway. When we arrived at her booth, she was leaving so we didn’t get to chat with her for long, but I lingered after she’d gone since her jewelry completely captivated me. I love her new sponges collection crafted of silver and acrylic and the pink feathered indian necklace – dazzling!

Jacqueline Sanchez – Jewelry designer with several collections, the ‘forever young’ lego-inspired rings caught my eye. View all of her collections online.

Geoff Buddie Felt – Felt designs taken to a whole new level. Interesting felt collections for displaying in your home. What do you think? Not really my style but the blocks look fun…

Holly Anne Mitchell – Recycled newspapers, lottery tickets, coupons and comics – things that usually end up in the trash are transformed into exciting brooches, pins, rings, cufflinks… Completely whimsical and definitely a conversation starter. I enjoyed trying on her unique jewelry, and applaud that she recycles. What could end up as trash becomes precious treasures. These would make great gifts for your writer friends…

This completes our CraftBoston coverage. Hope you enjoyed it! Let me know if you have any suggestions for the next show we visit – this was the first show I’ve ever attended where I had to take notes and photos, so it was learning experience – but I had a lot of fun! :)

(images from artists websites)

Posted in Events + Markets, Shopping + Products, Travel on April 07, 2006


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