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Zaishu Project

decor8 reader Erin from Australia passed along a link that you’re certain to fall in love with. The company is called Zaishu Project and they have these really neat flat pack tables (or it can be a seat or box) using 5 panels of artwork on plantation grown veneer that you assemble yourself by simply sliding them together – no nails or glue needed.

“With a program of participation, creativity, responsibility and evolution the Zaishu Project is an international collaborative event, recording patterns, designs and cultural texture from around the world…

Treated like a project and not a product the Zaishu was first launched with stencilled street artwork at Melbourne’s Australian Center for Contemporary Art in July 2004. Having travelled to Japan, Seoul, Milan, Sydney, Melbourne and Stockholm the Zaishu project in 2006 will work with artists in India, Berlin, Sweden and New Zealand. By using a single material and single production process a Zaishu has less environmental impact compared to other furniture. Zaishu also encourages a vibrant platform for cultural exchange, community strengthening and economic sustenance.”

We love Zaishu. Thanks Erin for the tip!

(images and quote from Zaishu)

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Justin Clayton

Yesterday in coffee + cre8tive, talented Justin Clayton inspired us with his daily paintings. I asked him if he’d be willing to share with us a few ‘real life’ shots of his work in an actual room; I personally need to see art living in a space – scale matters a lot to me. I also had a chance to learn more about our daily painter…

decor8: Can you tell us about yourself – where are based, what do you do for a living?

justin: I was born and raised in California, currently living in Los Angeles. I’ve had other occupations but at the moment I’ll call myself a painter as that is the title I am most fond of and it’s what I am doing right now. My formal art training was from two schools: California Art Institute and Los Angeles Academy of figurative art.

decor8: Who are you inspired by?

justin: John Sargent, Nicolai Fechin, Andrew Wyeth, Duane Keiser, and Richard Schmid.

decor8: We love your daily paintings. Tell us, where do you want to go with this?

justin: To do larger gallery work (16×20 and larger) and make an honest living at it. I am interested in doing portraits. Portraits in the sense of capturing a personality of a subject. I very much enjoy painting people but painting portraits to me can mean painting a personality of an object like a jar, or a pear, or a leaf. It is amazing to me that under certain lighting conditions or view points these things seem to take on an enormous amount of personality. The more I paint the more I realize personality is what I am drawn to and that’s what I’m trying to achieve when I’m painting something. The “daily paintings” serve as a road of exploration. Painting these allow me to experiment with lighting, technique, subject matter etc. Creating the website is my way of staying on track. It’s like when someone tries to lose weight or stop smoking they tell a friend so they know if they fail that friend is going to give them a really hard time. I guess it’s kind of like that. :)

decor8: Tell us about your hobbies.

justin: Computers, rock climbing, swimming, running. I often find cool things to paint when I’m running.

Thank you Justin for stopping by to visit us, we look forward to watching you grow as an artist and eventually, we hope spot you in galleries! Best wishes.

(images from Justin Clayton)

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Atelier Baraque

I spotted these from Atelier Baraque this morning and couldn’t resist. Playful images liven things up in your bedroom on 100% cotton 300-thread-count duvet covers in one single format – Queen-sized with two matching pillow shams. Atelier Baraque is Karla Smith, Sarah Hamlin and Morgan Charles, an awesome threesome inspired by vintage fabric, fairy tales and architecture. Passionate silk-screeners, each shares a love of pattern, printing and textiles, and together Atelier Baraque was born in 2004. Featuring girl and guy-friendly designs like birds on a wire, beaded necklaces, bucking broncos, their contemporary collection is anything but stuffy.

“Baraque (French for ?shed? or ?shanty?) began by creating original wall designs and prints and eventually spilled over into other interior ventures, such as bedding and home accessories. Believing that beauty is in the detail, Baraque does everything by hand. Each print is one of a kind, but all pieces share the unifying themes of high-quality, creativity and craftsmanship.”

Note: Prices shown on their website are in CAD, so if you’re in the states, the cost is about 25% less in US Dollars. Click here to order.

You can also find Atelier Baraque at Lola + Emily in Montreal and in Brooklyn at Brooklyn Flat.

(images and quote from Atelier Baraque. Via Sweet Nothing in Canada)

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coffee + cre8tive [apr 7 06]

TGIF everyone! Today is Friday which means time for the weekend, enjoying friends, running errands, and hopefully, a little rest and relaxation. Today the carpet will be installed in the new studio space, something I’ve been waiting for now for many months now. If you’ve been following my room renovation, I am happy to report that the walls are up, painted, the new stairs built and installed, all of the wood along the back wall was stained (I spent most of this evening finishing it – minwax smells terrible), electrical work finished, cable installed, I could go on and on… but the list is nearly complete – all we have to do is install the berber carpet and trim the windows and viola! finished! I will kiss the carpet crew when they’re finished, I can’t hardly wait to finally get our house back in order again. Everything is everywhere since the construction started, so the house has been a total war zone. I plan to spend the next few weeks locating budget furnishings and moving my office into the new space, as well as deep cleaning the house and preparing it for Spring. I’ll fill you in on the details as I start shopping around – complete with photos of the progress.

I have to share this with you – it’s a full page article that appeared in New Hampshire magazine this month, the photo is of my good friend, fine artist and handbag designer, Lisa Occhipinti. I was thrilled to see this after a few months of knowing it would run in the April issue – it’s finally here! (She was also featured in Daily Candy in February.) Lisa deserves the praise, she is an amazingly talented artist that puts her entire soul into her work – she lives and breathes the life of a true artist – everything she does is creative and beautiful. Her art, her clothes, her home – Lisa has a very special vibe going on and it’s so contagious. Everyone needs a friend like Lisa – when you leave her company your brain is buzzing with all the new ideas you have. I’m very proud of my friend. Congrats, Miss Lisa!

(image from NH Magazine)

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