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You’ll have fun browsing through all of my new London shopping links… scroll down and look to your right until you see “London”. I spent hours collecting these, so I hope you enjoy them. :)

Posted in uncategorized on April 07, 2006

[CraftBoston] Laura Zindel

[CraftBoston] Laura Zindel – Ceramics Booth #505

Tucked away in a farmhouse in scenic southern Vermont, Laura Zindel creates unique handmade earthenware glazed and adorned with images that are original pencil drawings by Laura herself. Images of leaves, insects, animals and other natural forms are printed with enamel to become a ceramic transfer, applied individually to each piece and then fired permanently to the surface. Laura says that this technique is her modern take on transferware. Appearing in such magazines as InStyle, Lucky, Domino and Elle (to name just a few), her ceramics certainly are catching on and for good reason, they are captivating and make quite a statement on display in your home. In addition to her ceramics, Laura just introduced a new collection of prints in case you are interested.

When I chatted with Laura, she was excited to hear that I had a design blog since she said she recently experienced increased sales since so many have been featuring her work on design blogs. This was wonderful news to me since one reason why I blog is to help spread the word about up and coming artists since it’s often so hard for them to advertise and market their product on their own. In Laura’s case, it’s a little different because she already appeared in magazines before making her rounds on design blogs, but still – it was great to hear the excitement in her voice as I spoke of blogging to her. (design bloggers are making a difference!)

Laura Zindel ceramics are available in galleries throughout the US, or you can view her prices online and email her to place an order. I purchased a dragonfly vessel in soft blue and white that I find myself looking at throughout the day because it’s simply so pretty. I plan to use it in my new studio space, maybe to plant a bulb in…

For the locals, if you missed her at CraftBostonn, you can catch her at the Paradise City Arts Festival in Northampton, MA during Memorial Day weekend May 27-29, 2006.

Learn more about our day at CraftBoston here.

(photo of booth snapped by us, all other photos from Laura Zindel, many from a disc she gave me. If you’d like copies for your blog, please let me know or contact Laura directly.)

Posted in uncategorized on April 06, 2006

30% Sale at Marshall Fields Online

I’ll be back with 3-4 more posts which will wrap up my CraftBoston tour but first, I spotted this sale and wanted to post it asap in case you’re starting to shop for outdoor items for the home. Marshall Fields is having a terrific sale on some great items like their charming purple outdoor bistro set for $79.99 and some very fun mariposa salad plates along with dragonfly glasses and juicy fun pillows!

(images from Marshall Fields)

Posted in reader discounts on April 06, 2006

[CraftBoston] Penelope Wurr

[CraftBoston] Penelope Wurr – Glass Booth # 400

Penelope Wurr is an amazing artist devoted to the design of fine contemporary glass and an eclectic array of interior furnishings. We spent time chatting with friendly Penelope, mesmerized by the beauty of her work which reminded me of textile prints enameled onto glass. When Penelope told us that she was trained as a printmaker, it was no surprise. She currently resides in a 200 year-old barn in Putney, Vermont (where she also has a store in the same town) however she also spends time at her home in Frigiliana, Andalucia Spain (which my husband tells me is splendid), a hilltop abode overlooking the olive groves and and village below. She sublets it throughout the year in case you are interested.

Originally from England, Penelope has successfully owned glass studios in both London, UK, and Soho, New York. Her method of enameling on glass combines sandblasting and translucent enamel overlays to create a graphic finish, again more reminiscent of textiles than of actual glass. Her work is unique and colorful, she works with a lot of soft cool shades of pink, green, blue, peach… Her work is carried by 300 fine retail outlets worldwide, including many famous stores, design centers and museum shops. Visit her website for more information.

If you missed her at CraftBoston, Penelope will be at Booth 419 at the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen show at beautiful Lake Sunapee August 5-13, 2006.

Learn more about our day at CraftBoston here.

(top photos above text from Penelope Wurr. all photos below text snapped by us.)

Posted in uncategorized on April 06, 2006


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