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[CraftBoston] Penelope Wurr

[CraftBoston] Penelope Wurr – Glass Booth # 400

Penelope Wurr is an amazing artist devoted to the design of fine contemporary glass and an eclectic array of interior furnishings. We spent time chatting with friendly Penelope, mesmerized by the beauty of her work which reminded me of textile prints enameled onto glass. When Penelope told us that she was trained as a printmaker, it was no surprise. She currently resides in a 200 year-old barn in Putney, Vermont (where she also has a store in the same town) however she also spends time at her home in Frigiliana, Andalucia Spain (which my husband tells me is splendid), a hilltop abode overlooking the olive groves and and village below. She sublets it throughout the year in case you are interested.

Originally from England, Penelope has successfully owned glass studios in both London, UK, and Soho, New York. Her method of enameling on glass combines sandblasting and translucent enamel overlays to create a graphic finish, again more reminiscent of textiles than of actual glass. Her work is unique and colorful, she works with a lot of soft cool shades of pink, green, blue, peach… Her work is carried by 300 fine retail outlets worldwide, including many famous stores, design centers and museum shops. Visit her website for more information.

If you missed her at CraftBoston, Penelope will be at Booth 419 at the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen show at beautiful Lake Sunapee August 5-13, 2006.

Learn more about our day at CraftBoston here.

(top photos above text from Penelope Wurr. all photos below text snapped by us.)

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[CraftBoston] Rob Sutherland

[CraftBoston] Rob Sutherland – Ceramics Booth #241

Rob Sutherland, a ceramicist from Philadelphia, PA was another must-see stop of ours at CraftBoston. It was such a pleasure to visit his booth on Saturday. Filled with ceramic cups, bowls, jars, vases… I never wanted to leave. I really like his new collection since he uses a lot of fresh orange and green, two colors that I am particularly fond of right now. When you see his work in person, you can’t help but want to hold each object to examine all of the details – the smooth colorful surfaces that blend into textured raised bumps and ridges… When you look at his work, the eastern influence is very apparent, afterall Rob spent a great deal of time in China (one of his residencies include the San Bao-Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in Jingdezhen China). Rob was friendly and engaging, and although he was very busy with customers, I observed how he interacted with them and listened to how passionately he spoke about his work, which meant a lot to me because it’s so rare that we get to meet the actual designers behind items we purchase for our homes. His cups were priced very well, most under $50 and could double as a pen cup for your desk or a small vase for short stems. You can even place a collection of 3 on a shelf to display in your home, since they were without handles, these stunning vessels could really be used for anything from tea to planted some bamboo. Another favorite of mine – his lidded jars (shown on his website), were priced very well at around $100, again a great price for something handmade and so intricately detailed. I hope you’ll visit Rob’s website for more information and to view more images from his new collection. Also, if you’re into DIY gut rehabs, Rob is renovating his property with details online, click on the house in the lower left corner of this page to view his progress.

Learn more about our day at CraftBoston here.

(images from Rob Sutherland)

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[CraftBoston] Hanne Linding

[CraftBoston] Hanne Linding – Fiber Wearable Booth #218

Across from Lotte’s booth, we met her friend Hanne, also a fiber artist from Denmark. Hanne creates gorgeous felted knitwear that you just want to cuddle with and touch. Her skirts were my favorite, worn over jeans or tights, they had such a Scandinavian appeal, like nothing you’d see here in the states (but hope to see next winter – maybe on me!) On display in her booth were wrist warmers (love!), handbags, shawls (which were constructed of felted wool with oval handcut holes), skirts (polka dots in wool or wool with holes), scarves, jackets and ponchos. I just love the photo below of the wrist warmers and the beautiful wool skirt with the holes and teal accents – drool! I didn’t snap any photos at her booth, but here are some from Hanne Linding and CraftBoston that I think you’ll enjoy. If you’d like to learn more about Hanne, please visit her website. I’m secretly hoping she’ll start making sofa throws – I’ll have to email her about it – wouldn’t that be beautiful?

Learn more about our day at CraftBoston here.

(Photos from CraftBoston and Hanne Linding)

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[CraftBoston] Lotte Kjaer

[CraftBoston] Lotte Kjaer – Fiber Wearable Booth #221

First up from CraftBoston, from the countryside of Holstebr, Denmark comes the extraordinary works of fiber artist Lotte Kjaer. Lotte was an extreme pleasure to meet with a friendly enthusiasm and warmth that was most contagious. Her whimsical collection of handmade shawls, hats, scarves, jackets and ponchos are one-of-a-kind and unique, tactile and lovely. I wanted to own everything. She even makes handbags. We chatted with Lotte about her life in Denmark, her experience selling her wares in conservative Boston, and her beautiful children that appear in many of the photos and collaged postcards sprinkled throughout her booth. Lotte is the kind of woman that you’d like to clone – there needs to be more people in the world like her. She was very open about herself, her life, honest, caring, enthusiastic about her work (vs. snobby) and was excited to know that we’d mention her here on decor8. I plan to interview her when she’s back in Denmark, so watch for that in the near future! Here is her website and a few snapshots from her booth.

Learn more about our day at CraftBoston here.

(all images are mine except for the two ladies shown outdoors – those are from CraftBoston)

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