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I’m Back!

I just got home after a *very* long (but fun + creative!) day so I’ll have to post my CraftBoston adventure tomorrow if that’s okay…

My See Jane Work order arrived today, well part of it, the rest of my goodies are back ordered so it will take a few more weeks until they arrive. This was the first time ordering from See Jane Work and I must confess, it will not be my last. The exceptional customer service on the phone and via email, along with the lovely packaging of everything ? it was great. A pretty blue seal on ocean blue tissue paper, free post-it notes with blue polka dots tied in a chocolate grosgrain ribbon, the invoice on lovely stationary in a plastic envelope – it was all so special. I also love my new items, a business card holder book from PepperPot, a fun plastic business card holder that is aqua on one side and orange on the other, and a Hable tote in pretty blue for piling magazines or storing fabric samples. I can’t wait until the rest of my order arrives – another present in the mail! I snapped a few photos so you…

(images snapped by me)

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I’ll be offline for a good chunk of the day today since I have a job to go on. Meet me back here after 3pm for a complete recap of the CraftBoston show I attended last Saturday – complete with links to a few hot designers that I met, photos, and more! You won’t want to miss it.

A must read to hold you over – my interview with artist, Gina Adams, below. It’s loaded with inspiration…

Well, I’m off… see you after 3pm!

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How To Bring Spring Into Your Home

Here’s a nice morning read over coffee from Homebasics.

How To Bring Spring Into Your Home

(photos from Homebasics)

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coffee + cre8tive [apr 5 06]

Reinier Evers at Trendwatching made some valid points in his April briefing on Infolust. He also validates the importance of design blogs (yeah!) listing the most influential blogs out there like Apartment Therapy and Treehugger. I’d like to also plug sites like Yelp and Judy’s Book where you can read online reviews from real people that can help you decide whether or not a hotel or restaurant is worth your time. I have been writing for sites like Tripadvisor and Citysearch for years now and know first hand how important experienced reviews are to others. Here’s what Reinier has to say about savvy consumers and our insatiable need to find the best of the best on the web:

“While last month’s BRAND SPACES was very much real world, this month’s trend,
INFOLUST, is rooted firmly in the online world. Experienced consumers lust after detailed information on where to get the best of the best, the cheapest of the cheapest, the first of the first, the healthiest of the healthiest or the coolest of the coolest. Instant information gratification is upon us! So forget about information overload. INFOLUST, the strong desire for relevant information, is insatiable and spreading from the online realm to the bricks and mortar world on its path to ubiquity. Get ready for a click-and-know, point-and-know, text-and-know, hear-and-know, smell-and-know, touch-and-know and snap-and-know world.

For more, including plenty of examples of brands that already capitalise on INFOLUST, check out trendwatching.”

(Photo from Trendwatching)

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