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Let’s Visit London

Let’s visit giddy London today with Paola Thomas, owner of the lovely online store Mirror Mirror and Notting Hill resident (you have to see her new items for spring!). Here is a quick tour of her favorite London stores starting with Summerill + Bishop, a fabulous kitchen shop. If you are planning a trip to London soon, you’ll want to save this post for quick reference once you arrive so you’ll have some fun stores to visit. I’ll be adding these shops to the globetrotters shopping column shortly.

Summerhill + Bishop – Kitchen, etc.
100 Portland Road, London
Tel: 020 7221 4566

Ceramica Blue – Ceramics
10 Blenheim Crescent, London
Tel: 020 7727 0288
(you can also order items that you see on their website by contacting them directly.)

Vessel Gallery – Tableware and Pots
114 Kensington Park Road, London
Tel: 207 727 8001

After Noah – Reconditioned Vintage Furniture
two locations
261 King’s Road or 121 Upper Street, London
Tel: 020 7359 4281

Aria Shop – Contemporary Housewares
295-7 Upper Street Islington London
(you can also shop online)

Graham + Green – Eclectic Homewares Boutique
several locations in London, click here to view all.

Chic Shack – Beautiful Nurseries
77 Lower Richmond Road, London
Tel: 020 8785 7777

Thank you Paola for the mini tour!

(images are all from stores listed above)

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Yasmine Louis

Raised in West Africa, Yasmine immigrated to Canada where she obtained her fine arts degree and now lives and breathes silk-screen printing. She creates a funky line of pillows, light boxes, clothing, napkins… Her pillows are cute and witty. Kitschy images on satin. You’ll love them.

View her collection of sassy pillows here. If you love t-shirts, take a peek at her line of exclusive printed shirts for men and women.

psst: remember, the prices on her website are shown in CAD (Canadian dollars), so if you live in the US that means you can take about 25% off of that price to see what you’d pay in US dollars. You can email Yasmine to place an order.

(images from Yasmine Louis)

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coffee + cre8tive [apr 4 06]

April showers bring May flowers. As I sit here listening to the rain tapping on my window, I can’t help but think about the obvious interdependence of all living things. We are all dependent on what is around us to survive. The rain causes growth. Just as the hard times we experience can lead to growth, too.

We are but a speck of dust in this world. Interdependence is a humbling truth that we cannot avoid. Even in business, if it weren’t for our contacts and customers – the good relationships we build with them – our business wouldn’t survive. For every person we hurt, that is one less member on our team, one less person to build us up, one less person to talk about what we do to others which can lead to hundreds or even thousands not finding out. In the business world this is critical to survival. You burn one single bridge and it can lead to hundreds of people learning of it and then, when you least expect it, you need that bridge and suddenly, you realize you cannot cross. When I worked in the corporate world, my mentor Lynne always spoke of this. Never ever burn a bridge. Never approach someone unless you have all of the facts first and really know what you are talking about. Make every conversation count. Don’t assume you won’t someday need that other person. Interdependence in creation, in business, in relationships, in everything… there is no denying that great things come when you respect this process and live peacefully in the world recognizing the order of things. Not just living peacefully but also being proactive. Actively seeking ways to show you respect other living things. There is a nice article about interdependence today here that I think you’ll enjoy.

Those are my thoughts for today.

(image by Jane Maxwell. You can learn more about Jane and her work on the beautiful Creative Swoon blog)


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Happy Owl Glassworks

For all you night owls out there reading this post…
I love Happy Owl Glassworks and despite that I’ve posted about them several times, I found their new tiny treasure dish far to adorable to not mention. Look at this cute little thing… Can you resist?

I have a nightlight and two badge pins so I can suggest Happy Owl based on my personal experience, which has been terrific. :)

(image from Happy Owl Glassworks)

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