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Essential Home

Jon over at Happy Mundane posted about the Essential Home collection at Kmart and I’m all about the $24.99 dish set. You have to check out his post, he did a nice job going undercover at the big K snapping photos and reporting in about his terrific finds. Jon is my new hero! A total design junkie. Gotta love him.

(photo via Happy Mundane)

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Up With Grups*

My friend Paris sent me a great article about Grups, which couldn’t have come at a better time since both Paris and I just increased our age by another year and I know I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. Up With Grups published today in NY Metro and I tell ya, it made me feel a lot better about being young 30s and still following around my favorite bands and wearing Hello Kitty t-shirts. Cleverly written by Adam Sternbergh, it explores the whole eternal youth movement that we’re experiencing (finally) in the states with thirty and forty-somethings (even into their 50s) enjoying their childhood along with the benefits of having a good paying job and years of experience behind them. I think it’s great that Sternbergh explored Grups in such depth, because I know that over in Europe, being trendy at any age has been the norm for many years – I remember 10 years ago being in London around my Grup friends, feeling completely at ease with them because they felt like peers despite that they were 10-15 years older than me. Up With Grups helped me to see that by the time I’m 35, 40, 45…I can still enjoy my Hello Kitty i-pod in public while wearing my Seven jeans toting a Gina George and Lucy industrial style messenger bag without getting the evil eye from the under 25 crowd. As Paris says, “It makes me feel justified in my immaturity”. I couldn’t agree with ya more, Paris. :)

I’ll be back with some CraftBoston stuff…and more fresh finds, I’m just on a job today so I’m in and out of my house. Currently blogging at Panera Bread in route to my next appointment.

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This past Saturday, we had the pleasure of attending CraftBoston at the World Trade Center in Boston, MA. Produced by the Society of Arts and Crafts, America’s oldest non-profit craft organization incorporated in 1897, CraftBoston is a premiere New England exhibition and sale of one-of-a-kind contemporary crafts from 175 artists from all over the world. There wasn’t a crocheted i-pod case or handmade greeting card to be found, this was truly an upscale haven for exploring unique wares that you will not spot in your typical gift emporium.

Part museum, part retail space, this was my first time visiting CraftBoston so I wasn’t sure what to expect until I started exploring the many booths and chatting with the volunteers and artists. We met artists from as far away as Denmark to Boston and New Hampshire locals. On the surface, the show was very laid back and ho-hum. Not a lot of buzz in the air, very reserved. However, once we took the time to linger at the various booths, speaking with the talents behind the splendid wares, the learning process, followed by immense appreciation, took hold of us and the show really came alive. When visiting a small show like this, I highly suggest walking the entire floor first to get an overview of everything that is out there. There are two advantages of gaining a brief birds eye perspective. First, since this particular show is a cash and carry event, meaning that you can purchase items and leave the show with them (unlike most gift shows), you want to make sure you see everything before making a purchase. The next advantage, at least to me, is that once you see everything, you know exactly which booths you want to spend time in, meeting the artist and learning more about their inspiration and processes. Always approach a show with a plan of action, that way, you won’t leave frustrated and exhausted, rather refreshed and inspired instead.

During our visit to CraftBoston, I hand-picked a few of my favorite artists and designers, all of which I’ll share with you here on my blog. I hope you enjoy taking a little tour of the show with me.

Stay tuned…

Views from the show

Outside of the World Trade Center, Boston
Opposite of the WTC is the Seaport Hotel, a real gem where
we’ve stayed during weekends when we needed to escape country living.
I worked in the WTC, my office space overlooked the water on the first floor,
so I have very fond memories of this area in general.

(images snapped by my husband and I.)

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Blik just launched these new flips that take wall decor and POP! adds a whole new dimension by taking interchangeable 3D patterns and using them to spice up your walls.
Best part, they do not require special paint or wallpaper, just your lonely little wall. Select from the fling small or big, node, round or bounce patterns and you can flip your wall into a whole new look for your living space. A special thanks to Michelle in LA for the headsup about these fun flips!

(image from Blik)

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