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coffee + cre8tive [apr 26 06]

‘Tis the season for nuptials. I was asked to pull together content for a bridal piece I’m writing, and in the process, I’ve found some of the most stunning eye candy from place settings to jewelry. Mostly flowers, so sweet you can smell them from the monitor. I couldn’t resist sharing some of my favorites with you. Taking my inspiration from uber-bride Joy, along with my research, here’s my take on wedded bliss.

[Thank you for your emails and I apologize for neglecting you guys today. With an ill husband running a very high fever, I think I slept maybe 3 hours last night. I had a client this morning and a few articles due this afternoon that I needed to edit, so I’ve been on my toes.]

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Posted in uncategorized on April 26, 2006

30% Off at Wrapables via Daily Candy

Shop Wrapables and get a whopping 30% off everything on the site! You guys know how much I love Daily Candy, I mean it’s the next best thing to Domino magazine in my book. Anyway, I came across this unbelievable deal on their dedicated deals today, but you need to subscribe to Daily Candy and then click here to read more about this 30% sale, which also includes the offer code that you’ll need to use when you check out. Have fun, I’m heading over to Wrapables to do some shopping!

Jonathan Adler, Dwell Bedding, French Bull… They’re all waiting for you.

Shown: Sachi tablecloth $43.95, round alarm clock $21.95, Mudlark Luxe soak collection $16.95.

(images from daily candy + wrapables)

Posted in uncategorized on April 25, 2006

List Yourself on Delightful Blogs!

Delightful blogs asked me to spread the news about their new listing service. If you are a blogger, submit your blog via their site to get their attention. If they are interested in featuring you, which I’m sure they will be because we all know you’re amazing, then they’ll reply with an email stating that you’ve been approved and added to their site on the Delightful Blogs Directory. I noticed that since I was featured this week, decor8 readers Susan, Michelle and Angela also registered and are now on Delightful blogs, too. Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose but a lot of potential exposure to gain!

You can also rate and comment on the blogs listed, so head on over to Delight and voice your opinion.

(Paola, Imedagoze, Holly, Robert, Angela M., John, Adriean, Jon, Matt + Becky – add your blogs!)

Have fun!

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Henry Road

Fresh finds alert! Miss Kelly over at Buss Buss never fails to deliver the best finds. Today, she spoke about Henry Road in the Daily Buss and I fell in love. These bold clean designs from rockin’ textile designer Paula Smail are super fly and totally shattering the cuteness barometer as we speak, so hop on over to Henry Road online, as in pronto!

(images from henry road)

Posted in uncategorized on April 25, 2006


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