Jonathan Adler: Signed Books + Fancy Furniture!

May 12, 2006

Jonathan Adler: Signed Books + Fancy Furniture!
Jonathan Adler is my boy! Although most of us can’t afford everything Jonathan that we see, the right to dream is ours! Is it me, or is this guy everywhere lately? As a practicing design consultant, I’m a member of the Ben Moore designers program since I enjoy offering colors from their collection to my clients. Through that program, I recieve their seasonal magazine, Ensemble. Thier current issue features (who else?) an interview with Jonathan Adler. Jonathan talks a bit about his love for Ben Moore, “I use the Benjamin Moore fan deck more than I use the Pantone book! I think it’s the lingua franca of the design community”. He also dishes about the color mauve, “The minute I dislike a color, it means I’m about the re-embrace it. On that note, I used to hate teal, and now I love it. But, I think I’ll never love mauve”. I’m with him on that one! If you’re an architect or designer, subscribe to Ensemble for your quarterly dose of color inspiration.

Okay, back to Jonathan’s designs. I’m sure you’ll agree, everything just bursts with color and energy, which make his happy chic style contagious. We all want a little happy in the home. Have you looked at his furniture? I’m in love with some of his new sofas + chairs. Very Hollywood glam, almost from the Bergman and Bogart days. I am willing to bet classic movie sets inspired his furniture, what do you think?

Even if you can’t afford to run out and buy an Adler marcello sofa or a bergman her chair (love!), you can at least add some spice to your space with a few of his accent pieces. From pillows to pottery, you can find something to suit your space and your budget. If you’re designing on pennies, why not zip on over to Bed, Bath + Beyond to purchase his wallet friendly finds.

Oh, and for die-hard Jonathan fans, I just ordered a signed copy of his book, My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living. I flipped through it recently at Barnes + Noble, it’s a good find so yes, I’m suggesting it. For $34.95, you get the book, free shipping, and best of all, his “Jon” handcock! He has a special batch available directly at his website. How great is that?

(images from jonathan adler)


  • Reply Anonymous May 18, 2006 at 6:32 pm

    Lingua Franca What??..?? Oh Please…

    On the mention of Mauve…I think all colors can be used in some way to make them work. Mauve has a bad reputaion but a fascinating history. True Mauve is actually a really beautiful shade of violet. Mauve was the first synthetically created color. There is a book, which I am about to read, called…whatelse?…MAUVE – how one man invented a color that changed the world. By Simon Garfield. William Perkin, at age 18 in 1856, accidentally discovered a way to mass-produce color in a factory…Just a bit of the intro… Perhaps this is more info than many people want, but it is interesting to me to discover and learn about the colors that we use everyday.

  • Reply decor8 May 19, 2006 at 12:25 am

    Sounds like a great book. The history of color is actually an amazing field of study. When I studied color theory in school, I was amazed at the origin of colors – especially violet – fascinating.

    It’s funny, in the bible there is mention of a woman named Lydia, a seller of purple. I never knew what that really meant until our teacher made us do all this research on the purple (aka violet). If anyone wants to know, google it – it’s something else.


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