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coffee + cre8tive {may 22 ’06}

Since most design blogs are covering the fab ICFF like crazy, I promise I won’t get into it here, too. They’re all doing such a terrific job, it’s fun to scan the various blogs to see what’s up.

I have to high five Apartment Therapy for posting about Denyse Schmidt, a favorite here at decor8. I’m thrilled that Denyse showed at the ICFF this year, she is totally reshaping the typical image people have of quilting, isn’t she? Most think of country style quilts, am I right? With Denyse, quilting has a fresh new look. Modern, clean, urban with a dash of country charm. Sure, those stunning country style quilts and wall hangings will always be a huge part of American culture, and for good reason (they’re wonderful!), but it’s nice to know that if you love quilts, but have a modern decor, you can actually find a modern quilt to complement your space.

Please don’t forget to check out Apartment Therapy’s complete post, with photos from the ICFF, here.

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(photo from AT)

Posted in uncategorized on May 22, 2006

NEW! Volkswagen Bettle Art + Pillows From Mibo

Pimp your beetle! I’ve been a fan of Mibo for awhile now, but when I spotted their new beetle art today for Volkswagen, I suddenly wished I had opted for the beetle instead of my Passat. I drove off in a Passat over the Beetle for *one* reason, it had more room for passengers and we like to travel with a car packed full of friends. Now, I’m thinking of making my friends take the bus (he he) and I’ll get a cool beetle anyway, just so I can decorate it with the pretty birdy florals from mibo. Click here to check out this fun VW Mibo decal or read detailed information about other new VW Beetle art.

Oh, and here’s a few new pillow designs from Mibo, too. I’m really liking them…

Hope you’re having a fun weekend. I hit the South End Open Market today and had a nice time, also did the SOWA which was interesting, and visited Lekker and Aunt Sadie’s again too. I’ll be back with some fresh finds that I spotted at the South End Open Market.

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(images from mibo and

Posted in uncategorized on May 21, 2006

Zia Priven – Space 936 at the ICFF this weekend!

I had to write about the wonderful Marcia and Paul of Zia Priven because I love their work and I’ve had a chance to get to know Marcia better and she is pure gold. Both Marcia and Paul live in Manhattan, transplants from LA, and went heart and soul into forming thier lighting company, Zia Priven. Next week, look for them here at decor8 where I’ll be featuring a special interview with them. That will be your chance to get to know them better too, so stay tuned.

If you’re swinging by the ICFF this weekend in New York, visit their display at space 936. Make sure you take time to introduce yourself and if you’re interested in their quality lighting, don’t forget to ask lots of questions because they love to talk about their collection.

Lovin’ their chandeliers and pendant lighting!

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(images from zia priven)

Posted in uncategorized on May 19, 2006

Urban Outfitters – Just In!

Spotted some super sweet finds at urbans today. See what you think about their new fashion flask, for every girl drunk should look cute! :) A sweet display of shimmering plumage on this peacock box or on this charming peacock frame. Relaxing muted colors bring zen to your love den with this bamboo bonsai bedspread. The sweet pea wall art delivers fresh details adding spark to your space. How about an ultra feminine table top mirror with old-fashioned charm, perhaps for your armoire? Oh, and my personal favorite, the bottle opener key. How practical is this? Much better than using your teeth, pretty girl.

(images from urban outfitters)

Posted in uncategorized on May 19, 2006


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