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Linda Bloomfield, Ruth Cross + Loop in London!

decor8 reader and ceramicist Linda Bloomfield wrote to me today about her lovely hand-thrown porcelain tableware, some available with tea cosies and mug cosies crafted by her talented colleague, Ruth Cross. I have to say, these mug cosies are a lot more chic than those paper holders you get at most American coffee houses! Linda’s porcelin tea sets are available from Loop, the ever-fabulous London knitter’s heaven that we all know and love, and you can grab your Ruth Cross cosies there, too. Linda told me that her creations will soon be available in Japan, but they’re still looking for US locations. If you are a store owner and enjoy Linda’s work, please feel free to contact her to inquire about offering them in your own store. To locate shops that sell her beautiful wares, click here, otherwise you can order online at Loop.

If you’re in London, you can also visit Linda at Cabbages and Frocks, too. She is quite in demand lately and certainly for good reason, her tableware is so pretty. From dimpled teapots to spouts that almost look like little kissy fish lips, you’ll love the personality she brings to porcelin.

Psst: Did you see this hand-made chair cosy from Ruth? Wow. Go Ruth! That is the coolest idea ever.

Here we go loopty-loo! Another note to Londoners, pop on over to Loop located at 41 Cross Street, Islington, where you can even take a class and learn everything from knitting housewares to how to dress a rabbit (so cute!). The rest of us unfortunate souls unable to view the shop in person, we’ll have to be satisified with simply utilizing their new online shop instead.

Don’t you just love these buttons? And check out the Loop retail space.
Talk about getting the creative juices flowing. I’d love to make a chair cosy, wouldn’t you?

(images from loop)

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ASID Student Award Winner: Jill Garzik

Congratulations to Ms. Jill Garzik, student member of the New England ASID chapter who received the 2005 ASID Student Design Award at Interiors ’06 in Nashville this past March. Click here for details about Jill and to see her drawings.

According to Garzik, believing in herself was the key to receiving this honor. As did many colleges this year, the New England School of Art and Design, where Garzik is a senior, incorporated the competition?to design a spa for multiple sclerosis patients that employs universal design, as well as sustainable products?into its curriculum, requiring students to complete the project per the ASID guidelines. The school would then enter two projects from each class in the competition. When the school didn?t choose her project to be submitted, Garzik decided to enter the competition on her own.

(image and partial text from ASID)

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Dwelling Designs – Sample Sale: Minneapolis

Dwelling Designs has the swankiest furniture for the home, and you know what I’m talking about, the kind of furniture that you love but have a hard time affording without the help of Mr. Visa or Ms. Mastercard. With their current Sample Sale, you may be able to pull out some spare cash in your piggy bank because they’ve slashed prices on some delicious pieces that I’m particularly fond of, like this super chic Asia sideboard. Available in teak, limed honey oak, ebony and expresso, I’m going with the teak. In addition to the obvious aesthetic appeal, because it’s a hardwood vs. a softwood, teak is durable if properly cared for. I really like the grain and that it is relatively light in color, yet still brings a great deal of warmth to a space. The Circle cocktail table is another favorite of mine, and at $350, you can’t go wrong. I also find the curves of this coveted cocoon chair is one that you’ll want to take home with you, especially since it was marked down to $495. Try finding something this unique in your local home store for that price.

If you’re in Minneapolis and you’d like to visit the Dwelling Designs showroom, it’s located over at 5041 France Avenue South.

(images from dwelling designs)

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coffee + cre8tive {may 18 ’06}

Take the cutest pillow from frau liebe, lots of beautiful finds at Happy Mundane, and add the perfect sunny day, and I’m one happy blogger. How is everyone doing? I’ve been very busy lately with work, but that’s a good thing. Lots of projects going on, all very inspirational and ones that are making me stretch my imagination a bit and venture out of my comfort zone. I hope you are having a productive week so that at the end of the day on Friday, you can pump your arms over your head and say, “oh yeah baby, another successful week!”.

I was so happy when I saw the Daily Candy Boston weekend guide today, my friends over at the South End Open Market were the first on the list of hot places to hang out this weekend, so if you’ve missed the DC article, click here and don’t miss the South End Open Market in Boston’s South End this Saturday and Sunday.

(image from frau liebe)

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