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More Lotta Jansdotter Lovelies…

More new designs – bags, zippered pouches, and aprons are up today on the Lotta Jansdotter website. Drool!

(images from lotta jansdotter)

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While looking at Nanoo’s work, I came across the the Posterlounge shop in Germany, where you can select from over 950 illustrations from artists based all over the world, selecting between an art print or a print on canvas. Categorized by styles and topics, finding exactly what you want is a breeze. I love their customer photos section – customers submit photos of their Posterlounge finds installed in their space, it’s really fun (tres helpful, too!) to see how these images look in rooms.


(images from posterlounge)

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Nanoo Sha?, French illustrator

You’re going to love French illustrator, Nanoo Sha?. You can browse her website to view her portfolio and art gallery, where you can purchase illustrations in the poster lounge printed on high quality canvas. Her website is so much fun to navigate, total eye candy loaded, and her prints are just totally switched on, baby!

“I have always found life more beautiful and poetic when it is filtered through an illustration or drawing. And this is this mix of elegance and sobriety, humour and serenity that I am trying to find when I am working on a new illustration.”

You can find more Nanoo illustrations here.

Thanks Nanoo for writing to me!

(images from Nanoo Sha? copyright 2006)

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Z Gallerie + Memorial Day Sale!

This memorial day weekend, pop on over to your local Z Gallerie, or visit them online, to view their eclectic display of gorgeous goodies. I know the coral trend has been ashore for quite some time now – but usually it was the pure white or red coral on display. Lately, I’m seeing it in lots of variations, and more recently, in soft blues and creams.
This coral dinnerware is pretty to eat on, but can you image displaying some of these on a wall shelf? They’d be lovely against a creamy white wall, or perhaps a deep teal or bright tangerine. Oh, if you do want to dine on these, you can pick up coordinating coral napkins in either red or brown, here. Crave more coral? Here, knock yourself out with 3 pages of it.

While you’re off discovering coral, I’m sitting here trying to justify a purchase. Is this sea garden table lamp the bomb, or what? It fits my bedroom decor perfectly. The price tag, well, that made my stomach do a backflip. Sheesh. $279? Go figure, it’s always the one item that I really love that has the highest price tag. Happen to you, too?

On a more affordable note, these *stunning* woven table linens, made from palm leaves, lend an organic airy elegance to your table. Place one directly on your tabletop so the surface below can peek through, or place it on top of fabric to change the look altogether. Available in both placemats and a table runner, these look to me to be a bit multi-functional. Hmmm. I’m thinking that since the runner is 96″H, longer than your average window, couldn’t you string them on clear fishing wire or use clip hooks and display them as somewhat of a window treatment? I imagine the afternoon sun filtering in through these, and picture 4 along a picture window, with equal space in between each. Since they are constructed of palm leaves, perhaps you could dab some paint on them in various spots, using soft colors from the coast, like turquoise, stone, or pale blue, what do you think? Or, maybe you could use them as a room divider or wall art? At $28.95 each, they certainly would make for an inexpensive modern window treatment.

Oh, and if you’re a bit of a material girl, okay I’ll say it, living in a material world, you may like the Madonna Disco Lights art – it’s a canvas image licensed by Madonna, a limited edition numbered piece in a series of 500. Giclee canvas, it has hand painted embellishments and quite an impressive price tag to boot at $699.00. The closest thing I can afford is the Confessions on a Dance Floor CD, which by the way, is one of my favorites of all time. It’s perfect for an afternoon run or a night drive, and the tune, “Jump” totally inspires.

Z Gallerie is having a memorial day sale in stores and online. Click here to browse some amazing bargains!

(images from z gallerie)

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