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Project Runway III – Checklist

Okay, I know this crosses over the geek zone into total geek territory, but Brent and I were just chatting about his crazy Project Runway Checklist (above), and he pretty much forced me into posting it here for PRIII addicts. Brent, being a Graphic Designer, photoshops everything for a living, so why not a Project Runway checklist? He keeps this one in his workspace, vowing to mark each parting designer with a big “X” after Frau Klum merrily whisks them away after saying her dreaded German goodbyes. Click here, then click on ALL SIZES for a huge image that you can save and convert into a .pdf for your own personal use. Thanks Brent!

Posted in uncategorized on June 21, 2006

Countdown to Project Runway…

Word of the day: auf weidersehen!

I’ve been combing the internet for days and in pops an email from my friend, Brent, with the photo I’ve been looking for – a fresh shot of the next Project Runway cast! I’m so excited, I can’t wait until July 12 when the new season kicks off. I’m going to miss Chloe, Daniel, Santino and of course, Andree… I hope they make some cameos this season, think they will? Maybe another cocktail party or something… I just hope the new cast has the energy and personality of the last one. We need another Andree, agree?

Read all about the upcoming PR show here at E! online. Thank you Brent for satisfying our curiousity.

Psst: Click on the image for a larger view.

So, is everyone excited, or what?

(image from E! online)

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Room + Board: Montego Table

For those of you fortunate enough to have some outdoor space, you have another ‘room’ to think about designing – your patio space! I’d love to see some of your patio spaces, is anyone willing to send in some photos that you’d like to brag about? A patio, a balcony, it doesn’t matter to me, as long as you love it!

Some of my CA friends (hint, hint Michelle) have some gorgeous patio areas, and I’m sure many other readers have great outdoor spaces, too. I have a massive backyard with a pond, so I guess I should step up with a few photos myself. Anyone want to help me get started?

Room + Board has a great table called the Montego that I only wish I had a concrete slab to sit it on (I wouldn’t want to move it everytime the lawn is cut, so I’m not sure how practical it is to place it directly on the lawn as shown in this photo. One must also be concerned with ‘chair sinkage’. This occurs after consuming too much from the grill and the chair digs its way into the lawn. he he). The Montego is sleek and sophisticated, combining the warmth of wood with cool clean stainless steel. Of course, great design isn’t merely about looking good, and with outdoor furniture, we often care even more about how durable it is. Since the Montego is a combination of durable stainless steel and a South American hardwood similar to teak called ipe, this patio set is also strong and weather-resistant, serving you for years to come. Let’s see, strong, weather-resistant, beautiful – can we go ahead and call this is a design triple threat?

Check out the coordinating Aruba chairs for only $99!

Have photos of a patio area that you’re proud of? Send them in!

(image from room + board)

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Layla Grayce

Have you ever shopped Layla Grayce? Although it seems to appeal to the Shabby Chic crowd, you can find a few clean modern designs along with retro cute prints and patterns for your home. I’m in love with their Icky Baby collection and think I may be ordering some for my close friend down in Maryland, I know as a young mother, she’d love these perky prints. Layla Grayce has soooo many sweet things to fill your home with and it’s the perfect site to bookmark for times when you need to gift a friend.

I love their Lollia candles and desk trays and colorful clipboards, along with all of their sweet textiles in soft muted hues, perfect for the vintage modern home.

Did you notice the lush Giovanni window panel from Pine Cone Hill? I imagine these in a room with soaring ceilings and pre-war details, against hardwood floors and mismatched artwork and a collection of antique-inspired beveled frameless mirrors on soft grey blue walls. Creamy crown moldings, a pavillion chair reupholstered in a bright tweed in peacock, these panels puddling gently on the floor.

At first glance, Layla Grayce may appear to be a frilly floral wonderland, but with a little digging, I’m sure you’ll unearth treasures that will appeal to your design sense.

(images from layla grace)

Posted in Rooms on June 21, 2006


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