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Harmony Art: Organic Textile Designs

For those of you interested in designing your own textiles, you have to read the history of Harmony Art and how this design company developed – truly an inspiration. For others seeking sustainable textiles that have a modern punch, bookmark these nature-inspired organic cotton prints from the Season One collection – fresh and cheerful! All textiles are printed with fiber reactive low-impact inks and dyes in accordance with the OTA Fiber Processing Standards. If all of this green-speak doesn’t quite make sense to you, click here for a little eco-education and learn the differences between organic and conventional cotton via a simple no-frills chart.

psst: Harmony Art also has blog.

(images from harmony art) via: treehugger

Posted in uncategorized on June 21, 2006

coffee + cre8tive {june 21 ’06}

I love blogging. It’s become quite an obsession for me. I’m always thinking about what I’ll write about next, what inspires me that will interest you, what lies ahead. It’s exciting to think about. I also stop every now and then and think about how blogging wouldn’t be nearly as exciting if I didn’t have all of you. That sounds amazingly cheesy (hallmark cardish), I know, but I appreciate each one of the readers I’ve met either via email or in person because of decor8. Your emails and submissions keep me going full steam ahead, I can’t believe how many talented and creative people are reading – designers, artists, editors, celebs, shop owners, and working professionals who take a ‘break’ here each day during lunch…

Meeting all of you here daily stirs my own creativity in ways I’d never imagined. Before decor8, I only had my look books for pasting ideas into, or journals to fill thoughts on what I found to be interesting. To set free all of my ideas and inspirations here, daily, before an audience – totally liberating. I had no idea that so many would share my interests and were into so many of the same things, people, places, that I cherish. Thank you for giving me so much joy and for reading decor8.

I came across this quote in a magazine recently that sums up everything I’m feeling so nicely.

“The best moments in reading are when you come across something – a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things – which you had thought unique and particular to you. Now, here it is, set down by someone else, a person you have never met… And it is as if a hand has come out and taken yours.”
– Alan Bennett

(images of various textiles I like from Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm.)

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Henry Road

I’ve mentioned Henry Road before, but in case you haven’t visited them lately… Don’t you just love this bold perky tablecloth in red and white? Or these pillows? These are exact patterns that I would use in a room devoid of color, needing a quick redo. Often, we turn to paint or new furniture to introduce color, but who has time to paint (and money for new furniture), especially if your relatives just phoned and they are arriving for a little family time THIS weekend. Before grabbing those paint rollers and stressing over colors, why not add a Henry Road tablecloth to your table? Take the red/white tablecloth shown and top with a big ocean blue bowl filled with bright yellow lemons in the center, or a white vase (or red) with bright yellow daffodils. Blue and yellow looks stunning with bright red. Or, you can go with red, orange and teal…

Tip: You can even fold a beautiful tablecloth (as long as it is fabric and not oil cloth or plastic, of course) for displaying on a chair or on the back of your sofa in the living room (if the back of your sofa doesn’t face a wall, that is!). Introducing color in your space doesn’t have to involve a seamstress, gallons of paint, or even lots of money. Just add a few throw pillows, a new tablecloth, and viola! instant perk up!

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(images from henry road)

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Vessel – New Squat Worktable Coming Soon!

We all know and love Boston-based Vessel, images of candela lights and squat benches may come to mind. Looks like Vessel had a new desk on the block, the brand new Squat Worktable functions as a versatile storage table so you can store things inside (think last minute guests dropped in and you need to throw all your mess into a hidden space). A flat-packed furniture piece, it has discreet cable-routing slots in the sides and lower panels that keep tangles of wires out of sight but close at hand. The worktable incorporates nearly 5 cubic feet of storage into a solid, flat-packed furniture piece. Birch and aluminum, available in natural or black, 36 x 36 x 29.75?, $499. Please contact Vessel for more information.

If you’re in Boston, visit their store located on the edge of Chinatown near the Leather District at 125 Kingston Street. decor8 posted a tour of thier store a few months back, click here to view.

Channel 4 in Boston is running a contest to vote for Boston’s best online. If you’re a big Vessel fan, you can vote for them here (although I’m not quite sure how they landed in the luxury furniture category with DWR and Roche Bobois, but oh well).

Squat Worktable shown above and their benches shown below. Check out the various uses for them, even to hold wine bottles!

(images from vessel)

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