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Figments [Providence]

Peggy owns Figments, a sweet online shop that carries many of my favorite things. When she wrote to me yesterday to tell me about Sukie and to invite me in for an after hours tour of her brick and mortar store in Providence, Rhode Island, I was thrilled. In addition to the retail business, Figments also offers design services in graphic design and consulting.

Figments just received a new shipment from Sukie, London. She thought decor8 readers would like to check them out, especially since their new hankie and tea towel designs are so completely adorable. Figments also carries Seseme Letterpress cards and coasters, with some available online in her store, along with other gift giving goodies from Atelier LZC, Hable Construction, Hello Lucky, Twig + Fig, A.Puur.A, and In Sophie’s Bag, to name a few.

I just love how creative Peggy is, you can feel it the moment you visit her website. I wasn’t surprised to find out she’s a RISD alum. You can view all of the items shown above at the Figments website, with links to all the goodies you see!

psst: Oh, and there’s free shipping on orders over $80.

Thank you Peggy for writing in!

tea towels and hankies from sukie

(images from peggy lo at figments)

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Sukie London

decor8 reader, Peggy, told me about Sukie in London and I had to post about them asap. Cute stuff. You’ll like it, I’m sure. I like the way Darrell and Julia, the brains behind Sukie, have this whole campground/road trip/high school 1970s theme going on. It looks very American, the colors and patterns reminding me a lot of the 70s. With papergoods, pillows, hankies, tea towels, and more little tidbits to add to your home, Sukie delivers unique pattterns that are sure to catch your eye.

(images from sukie)

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coffee + cre8tive {june 16 ’06}

Happy Friday everyone! I have an exciting weekend ahead, and I just can’t wait. I’m heading down to Rhode Island to see my family, they’re up from Boca Raton to visit my grandmother. I can’t wait to see them, I’m very excited. I’m also going to try to visit a few Providence stores while I’m down there, especially my new favorite store (which I’ll feature later on today), since the shop owner personally invited me down for an after hours tour. I’m flattered she found my blog and wants to learn more about me and what I do. That personal interest means a lot. So, this weekend will be busy… Trying to make it to the beach on Sunday, too.

I snapped this photo in my yard the other day and I swear, I didn’t manipulate it at all, this is the raw snapshot – I love how blurred it is, and the vivid neon colors. It’s like lawn pop art!

Anyone have plans for the weekend? Let’s hear it! I’m waiting…

(image copyright 2006 decor8)

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Angela Adams: New Papergoods!

I had this on my list to post today, but after peeking at Shelteriffic, I saw they beat me to it. Rascals! :)

Call me old school, but I cling to my address book for dear life. I’m completely lost when I leave home without it. I’ve had my cell phone die so many times (because I talk so much on it, imagine that?) and after it’s dead, I realize that I don’t have the phone number to call the person back. Not good. Since you can’t reboot a cell phone to gain access to its directory, you’re pretty much screwed at this point. Sure, you can go to a pay phone and dial 411, but if the person was also on their cell phone, there’s no way the operator will have that number. This, my friends, is why a good address book is a must-have. Don’t let anyone talk you into going 100% paperless. These sexy gadgets we roll with nowadays are only good until the lights start flickering and… Hello? Can you hear me now? So, my first grab is the Angela Adams address book for $13.95. You have to get you some of that. Plus, it’s wayyyy cute, just look at those colorful pages…

Next on my Angela Adams shopping list is for all the sticker lovers in the house. Your twinkle toes will curl in delight with the Box of Labels. For $15.95, you walk away with 100 peppy labels varying in shape, size, and pattern. Use them on your envelopes or as bookplates in your most cherished novels. Also handy for labeling shoe boxes and other containers in your closet or craft area.

Finally, a photo album. Remember those? In the digital age, we’re a bit hooked on uploading photos and storing them online, with the exception of maybe 5 that we decide to print out to display so we’ll always remember our days in Venice. Well, sorry to break the news, but photo albums are vital to transferring our memories to the next generation, and so on. Clutter phobes may cringe, but you should seriously consider having a few in your home. I can totally see my adorable grandkids-to-be huddled around my photo albums cracking up over the way ‘grandma dressed back in 2006′. If owning a few photo albums is important to you, go stylish with the Lulu from Angela Adams ($35).

All of Angela’s collection of papergoods can be purchased via her website.

Psst: Most are not available on the Chronicle Books website until after October. Scoop yours up today!

(images from chronicle books and shelteriffic)

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