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Norman and Quaine at Living Edge Studio

When I spotted this brilliantly bold credenza, I had flashbacks to 1950s American television. I just love this storage unit from designers Norman and Quaine.
Not sure if you know much about them, but they’re from Australia and both interior designer Katherine Norman and industrial designer Caroline Quaine collaborated in 1989 to form Norman and Quaine. Since, they’ve been designing furniture with a subtle reference to the proportions and function of mid century modern styles for the Australian market. Their complete collection is available via Living Edge Studio in Sydney and Living Edge in Melbourne.

If you’re like me and have no clue how you’d ever order (or pay, these start around $8,500) for something like this, use these photos as design ideas – perhaps you can find a mid century credenza on eBay and with a touch of paint and a really great piece of wallpaper, turn it into a DIY project that resembles something like this design, only on a budget.

I love the green credenza – not sure about the red, I think I’d prefer it in tangy orange, instead. Your thoughts?

(images via living edge studio)

Posted in Objects on June 09, 2006

Anna Sova – Eco-friendly Paint + More!

For those of you who are chemically sensitive, and for others who are just amazingly eco-conscious and desire to work with products that share your philosophy of eco-living, Anna Sova is for you. With gorgeous paint, sensuous silk bedding and draperies, hand finished bamboo hardware, vibrant hand printed cottons, Italian jacquard sheets, and the most luxurious cotton towels, Anna Sova is different from the rest. Her luxuries are all organic, eco-safe, earth and body friendly.

If you’d like a little ‘design education’, I encourage you to click here and view her various paint collection, categorized according to style. When you click on your style of choice, the color palette appears along with a description at the bottom which summarizes the period that the style gained popularity and various other tidbits of truth. When you browse that section, be sure to comment below with your favorites.

I fancy the Mid Century Modern palette because it is both warm and cool and covers a broad range of hues in various tones, and you can either go bold or soft with the colors in this palette. Although, being a sucker for all color, I tend to like bits of all palettes, but since this is a ‘palette’, it makes sense that one must choose the entire range of colors shown therein. Let me know what’s to your liking.

What colors strike you lately?

(images from anna sova)

Posted in uncategorized on June 09, 2006

Inspire Company

Amy Powers, owner of the Inspire Company, has a great eye for all things pretty. The Inspire Company is such a sweet feminine online boutique specializing in gifting friends with beautifully hand crafted gifts that will bring pleasure and inspiration to both giver and receiver. Inspire Company takes the chore out of shopping for friends, as you click through their pages, you’ll ooh and aah and feel compelled to shop for friends because everything is so unique and exciting to view… What a nice way to show you care! I love this coral necklace, it’s my favorite item in their store, but their tags, cards, home accessories and other swoonworthy goods will catch your eye, too.

Inspire Company also has a blog

(images from inspire company)

Posted in uncategorized on June 08, 2006

Kate Spade Stationery Offer from June 12-18

Kate Spade introduces some pretty additions to her new stationery collection, and although it’s a collection of only a few styles, it’s so very pretty. I like the delicate fonts and the use of green, coral, and of course, the brown and white stripes (they remind me of Henry Bendel bags, at least the ones I remember when I shopped their former location in Boston).

The monkey and parasol letterpress set is my favorite – I love the simplicity of the design but the pop! of the fresh coral-pink whimsical graphics. The monkey looks like quite the cheeky little fellow, perhaps running around the party stirring things up a bit. The parasol reminds me of something I’d imagine peeking out of a tropical boozy drink, perhaps one I’m enjoying while out on my yacht in Newport this summer (yeah, right). Ah, the imagery the Kate Spade lifestyle brings to mind. It’s so, well, Kennedy. So Jackie O. At least to me.

Between June 12-18, Kate Spade will offer her online shoppers a complementary box of cards (“small card big party” in green, shown) if you spend $150 or more on her stationery. I’ve never spent that much in one sitting on stationery unless it was shower invitations for parties I’ve planned or for my own wedding, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t throwing a summer soiree or a wedding of your very own.

(images from kate spade)

Posted in uncategorized on June 08, 2006


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