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John Derian

I’ve written about John Derian a few times already, but for some reason, I’m always lured back to his beautiful designs. I love his latest collections, especially the nautical, coral, and shell motifs that he’s working with lately. To me, he can do no wrong. I think a room peppered with a few of his plates arranged around a mirror would lend vintage charm without looking dated, especially since his designs are uniquely modern and can easily blend in a number of decors from traditional to modern. If I could describe John Derian in one word, Paris. His work reminds me of everything I love about the city of lights, the new merging with the old to create this feeling of being locked in time while yet moving forward, almost surreal in a sense. Historical, nostagic, relaxed, antique. That is what his collaged beauties call to mind. Also, the greatness that lies in imperfection. Not that his designs are imperfect at all, but they certainly aren’t this clean minimalist chic that we’re seeing so much of lately in design. From paperweights to plates and platters, John Derian offers so much beauty, beauty that isn’t defined by time or trend, but will simply always maintain an appeal, a charm, a glory that will never fade.

(images from john derian)

Posted in uncategorized on June 27, 2006

Crowson Textiles + Wallpaper

Okay, back on topic to dish about interior design. Let’s look at some wallpaper for a moment from Crowson in the UK. The big trend right now is large scale florals and geometric prints. Have you noticed? Bold petals abound, from metallic swirly florals to understated petite blooms in chalky pastel hues. Baroque patterns are all the rage too, some of which are so bold that you only need to apply in small doses to make an impact on your space.
I dream of the days when I occupy a city apartment with high ceilings and pre-war architecture again, with gleaming hardwood floors and a marble fireplace. I will definitely add wallpaper somewhere in my future space. I had an apartment like this years ago when I was single in the city, all 5 rooms of it, and even now I find myself missing it like crazy sometimes, that place rocked. Oh well, there’s always the road ahead…

I like the way Crowson features their wallpaper (above). I’m assuming they’ve applied it to plywood, perhaps? Whatever it is, it seems to be completely mobile. A renters dream. Maybe I need to start thinking outside of traditional application and do something like this in my own space. I bet it would be interesting to use hinges and merge 3 wood doors together for a divider, applying wallpaper for visual impact. Now that would be a fun weekend project.

Do you have any rooms in your home that boast wallpaper that you’re proud of? Care to share? I’d love to post some images of your space, we can post them as “anonymous” if you feel shy. It would be such an inspiration to me to actually see a real life space with wallpaper vs. images from magazines and wallpaper manufacturers, most of which aren’t of genuine spaces anyway. All of my client spaces are wallpaper-free, seems most people I’ve worked with are scared to death of it. Could be that we still associate it with grandparents, recliners, and shag carpeting. Maybe we aren’t far enough away from those times to associate wallpaper with anything positive. I grew up with wallpaper in the home, it was used freely and without restraint. I was never scared of it, I enjoyed the metallic dots we had in our living room, the florals in the bathroom… My great grandmother had florals on her walls, huge with fully saturated hues that would completely blow away the idea of ever creating a focal point, something designers today are so hooked on doing when planning a room. With so much of my childhood spent in wallpapered rooms, I don’t mind bringing it into my own space as an adult, as long as it’s treated as a focal point (behind the sofa) or in a small space (in the entry way or a 1/2 bath). Wallpaper borders on the other hand, well let’s not go there because those scare me.

So… Amyone care to show off your wallpapered space? Any takers?

(images from crowson)

Posted in Objects, Rooms on June 27, 2006

Meet Santino Rice: Project Runway, TONIGHT [Santa Monica]

A little off topic, but any LA Project Runway fan needs to listen up! Tonight you can meet Santino in Santa Monica at Vidiots at 302 Pico Blvd (at 4th Street) where he’ll be hanging out and signing DVD copies of Project Runway 2 at 8:00 p.m. Have some fun, dish about fashion and catch some behind-the-scenes gossip along with clips from Season 2. Admission is free and if you go, promise me that you’ll snap some photos. Sounds like such a fun event! Hey, maybe Andrae will be there showing his support…

Psst: Look for Santino in the August issues of Details and ELLE magazine.

(image from santino rice)

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The Rock + Shop Market July 15 [Raleigh]

I was so excited when Rock + Shop sent this to the press today because craft fairs need to pop up in cities other than all the major ones. Seeing something in Raleigh is just great, especially since I’m sure there’s a lot of crafty chicas down south that are sooo looking forward to attending something like this. Go South!

The Rock + Shop Market made its debut in 2005 by product designer Michelle Smith from Smashing Mirrors. Michelle felt a strong need to bring together local indie artists after seeing other alternative fairs sprouting up in other parts of the country. Through her fair, Michelle wants to showcase North Carolina?s DIY spirit and provides a the opportunity to meet local designers and celebrate the area?s diverse musical talent.

The Rock & Shop Market will take place on July 15th from 1-5pm at the Tir Na Nog (across from Moore Square) in downtown Raleigh. The first 50 attendees receive a gift bag filled with freebies including magazines, samples and coupons.

The market features designer goods including silk screened apparel and reconstructed t-shirts, custom iPod cases, handbags, jewelry, and handmade soap by Alena Hennessy (one of my favorites), April Fool Handmade (check out their pencil blocks), Art School Dropout (delightful jewelry),Circle Circle Dot Dot (super cute wares),Mood Swing Studio (love the baubles and vintage homewares), Stephaine Statham (great art)Sprout Studio (yummy ceramics), Bookish (quilty cuteness), Pear Threads (beautiful bags, they were just in Boston), Michelle Smith (what a talent), and more!

Enjoy a cold beer at the bar (now *this* is a craft fair) while browsing the aisles of over 35 vendors plus enjoy music by the bands Ryan Pound, Bull City and DJ Marco. Admission is $3. Sponsored by Bust Magazine, Carolina Woman, and The Raleigh Hatchet.

For more information and a full vendor list visit Rock + Shop online. Will YOU be there?

(images from rock + shop)

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