coffee + cre8tive {aug 24 ’06}

August 24, 2006

Yes? No? Maybe?
coffee + cre8tive {aug 24 '06}I recently discovered this mosaic tile wallpaper from Graham + Brown, and wanted to ask you for your thoughts on this look in a kitchen or bathroom. Do you think it’s a good option for those that may not have the budget to sink into the real thing? It’s available in these cool blue tones, as well as creams, pinks, and various shades of brown.

So, what do you think of this as an alternative to tile? Would you use it?

(images from graham + brown)


  • Reply Erin T August 24, 2006 at 3:40 pm

    I’m torn. I think it’s pretty, but I think if I had to use a wallpaper because of budget and couldn’t get tile, then I would probably pick a wallpaper that’s more wallpaper-y, if that makes sense. My preference is to live in places that are small enough that I can get nice finishes. Kind of like Maxwell on AT, if I wanted to redo my kitchen backsplash, I could choose some more expensive ceramic art tile (like Ann Sacks) because I only have approximately 10 square feet to cover!

  • Reply kate August 24, 2006 at 3:42 pm

    i’d use it, though likely in moderation. texture without the grout, why not?

  • Reply the antibride August 24, 2006 at 4:18 pm

    i would very NOT use it… i think it would look WAY fake and maybe also look a little cheap, so i’d say, either save up for the real thing or decorate with something more authentic or real, if you know what i mean…

  • Reply lharwin August 24, 2006 at 5:13 pm

    When I updated my kitchen on a budget, it seemed that, of all the tile options, mosaic glass tiles were just about the cheapest. They’re less than subway tiles and certainly less than anything from Ann Sacks (though I love those myself!). I wouldn’t use this unless I wanted wallpaper…I don’t know that there’s enough of a cost savings to make it that much better than the real thing.

  • Reply Maryam August 24, 2006 at 10:19 pm

    No, no. I think it might look like you were trying to pull a fast one…

  • Reply decor8 August 24, 2006 at 10:24 pm


    what about if it was incorporated into a small space, perhaps beneath cabinets, and you really couldn’t tell unless you stood 10 inches away from it?

    Just wondering…

  • Reply MichelleNCheese August 25, 2006 at 12:31 am

    Is it totally flat, or does it have some texture to it?

    Also, if you are going to be using it in the kitchen, can you wipe it down?

  • Reply Carlene August 25, 2006 at 2:11 am

    I might use it and attach random real tiles (glue gun? I dunno) just as a joke. What the heck.

  • Reply Anonymous August 25, 2006 at 4:25 am

    I am also torn. I love mosaic tiles, but I am picky with them. They have to look like they are really good quality for me to use them. If this is in vinyl it would be a definite no. Vinyl wallpaper makes my skin crawl in most cases. Blast that Materials teacher I had for making me do a whole room in vinyl.

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