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Room + Board Under $50

Okay, so you’re thinking that Room + Board is this big serious furniture store with items that surely will send your credit card (and you) over a financial cliff… Well, think again. They actually have lots of cute finds for under $50, items that you can use in your home or gift to someone else. I found these cool cats and slick lamps in the children’s accessories page, which proves, don’t knock the kiddie section of any store. You can easily incorporate these Oscar lamps (available in white, grass or carrot) into your very grown up home. The cats… Well let’s just say I wouldn’t rule out putting one on a wooden chair in a lonely hallway, adding an instant smile to the faces of your guests. If you have kids, I can only imagine how Bart and Bubbles would light up their eyes.

If you’re trying to get organized, or just need a colorful trash bin, the confetti bins are a nice buy for under $35. Also great for storing pototos in the kitchen, or lids for pots and pans. You could easily mix these bins in on white shelves for that punch of happy color in your cooking space. Great for storing slippers (or socks) near your front door, or for umbrella storage, too!

(images from room + board)

Posted in uncategorized on August 23, 2006

decor8 reader spaces: Tour Danielle’s City Oasis in The Netherlands

decor8 reader Danielle would like to show you her apartment in The Hague (den haag), the third largest city located in The Netherlands. Danielle writes:

“I love your idea to show photos of your reader’s houses. As you have readers from all over the world, it will be great to see houses from readers from various countries and the different tastes people have. Please find attached some photos (7) of my home (in The Netherlands). My house is not big (2 room apartment) but it is my castle and I love it. Please let me know if you would like some more information or if you would like to have the photos in a different size. Keep on the good work with your blog. I love reading it!” -Warm regards, Danielle

Things I love: The balcony (shown, middle unit with hanging shells), stained glass over the living room window, amazing mirror over the fireplace, well organized, the silver tea set, view of the lovely brick apartments across the street (with flowers!), great floor plan (and floors!), high ceilings, very tactile and organic – looks like a calming space. When I look at this place, I smell fresh lavendar or sandlewood.

Question I have: Where did you get that amazing mirror, Danielle? The closest I can find that remotely mimics it is this one from Ballard Designs… Thank you for showing us your city oasis, beautiful space. I’m drooling…

As you tour Danielle’s space, please post any questions or comments that you have for her below. Maybe you’d like to know how she got started, where her inspiration came from, etc. She is happy to reply!

Living Room
Dining Area

Okay, who is next??? :)

(images from danielle)

Posted in Home Tours on August 23, 2006

coffee + cre8tive {aug 23 ’06}

I’m so excited that readers are sending in photos of their space. Thanks, guys! When I mentioned that I’d like to start showing off reader spaces as well as posting space issues (with the goal of obtaining YOUR advice, along with offering some of mine), I didn’t realize how many of you would be interested! I’m very pleased that readers are stepping up, so as long as emails are arriving, I guess I’ll have to start posting reader spaces! I actually think that this feature will sharpen all of us and create a more interactive blog, a space we can all share ideas, especially since I know that so many of you are loaded with talent.

So to recap, from time to time, I’ll post photos of reader spaces for those that A) are proud of their space and simply want to tour us of a room (or entire house!) OR B) photos of problem areas from readers that are seeking tactful constructive advice with hopes of helping them out of a design jam. Many of us love to decorate, and spend so much time finding solutions in our own homes, so why not pool this wisdom, sharing your passion with others?

First up today, we’ll tour a reader space in the Netherlands, it’s a serene city oasis, you’re going to love it. I also have a space challenge to post, along with a bunch of fresh finds, so stay tuned, I’ll be back soon!

(images from lilla rogers studio, a local studio that I’ve talked about them here before, you must check out online!)

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Ugly Home [Paris]

The moment you step into Ugly Home online, you begin watching what appears to be somone busily using an etch-a-sketch to create a storefront.

Intriqued, you wait to see what’s next, and clicking on Entrer, you step inside a quaint little home boutique filled with lots of good things. Plates with blooms, plates with shoes (adds new meaning to soul food), candles, lamps (great egg pendant), wallpaper, furniture, textiles, wall decals (love the lab and the chandelier!), and more. At Ugly Home, everything ugly is pretty again!
When in Paris, visit them at 108 Rue Saint-Honor?. When online, visit their website.

(images from ugly home)

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