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coffee + cre8tive {aug 14 ’06}

I’m not running any marathons yet, but I’m feeling much better after spending the past few days parked on my sofa, just me, the remote, and plenty of magazines and books. My magazine swap partner, Emily Barnes from Melbourne (thanks Emily, I loved your package!), sent me 3 aussie magazines, they arrived on Saturday, so I had Frankie, Australian Home Beautiful, and Madison to keep me company.
It’s so fun flipping through magazines published on the other side of the world, but even more interesting is that fashion and home design trends are not that much different than they are here in the states. I love how British and Australian magazines often include a free gift – with Home Beautiful came a white leatherette picture frame with black and white baroque wallpaper from Graham + Brown. How original! I’d love to see American magazines offer ‘goodies’ on the newsstand. I’ve purchased so many British magazines just for the freebies, from handbags to novels and cds.

Now that Monday is here, I’ll be taking it easy on posts this week until I’m walking around again. I need to keep my leg elevated and sleep (I’m on a mission for a very speedy recovery here people). We leave for Germany in 39 days. The big countdown to good health. Let’s see if I can do it without spending my entire vacation limping around. Must. Get. Well.

Anyone catch DESIGN STAR last night? Any comments to that? I’ll offer mine in the comments section below to get everyone started… Let’s just say the show has me more depressed than impressed – where’s the talent?

By the way, the Australian indie fashion mag, Frankie, included a free poster by artist Katherine Brickman this month. If you’d like some funky screen wallpaper from other artists Frankie has featured, click here.

Thanks again, Emily!

(images from frankie magazine)

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Out of Commission

I’m currently on bed rest, so I’ll be out of commission (sports injury) until Monday. I have plenty of sappy chick flicks to get me through, a stack of fashion magazines, and my husband is devoted to cooking for me and helping me around the house (I can’t walk right now)… I’m thinking that instead of giving way to pity, I will turn this into an opportunity for rest and relaxation, hey I’m forced to do nothing, I guess that’s not so bad.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend – it’s tax free shopping weekend in MA and out in LA, Michelle is going to knock ’em dead at Felt Club. While I’m away, don’t forget to browse the left column under Blogs I Suggest – there are plenty of other great places online to visit, so have fun!

See you Monday!

Posted in uncategorized on August 11, 2006

Alinea – France

Look what Imeda discovered, Alinea of France! Oh how very pretty. Imeda from Singapore has some lovely finds on her blog, and now that she’s back from summer vacation, you can expect to find her blogging away again just like old times. I love the things she finds, often so different from what we are exposed to here in the states, which makes her blog that much more appealing. She posted about Alinea recently and after flipping through their color-amazing website, I couldn’t resist posting about them. I like how they layer patterns and colors, and how they incorporate either natural settings or indoor plants into their product shots, I don’t see a lot of indoor plants (real ones) when I flip through magazines lately, a vase of flowers and the random orchid perhaps, but not a lot of plant love happening. Alinea features everything for the home, from lighting to textiles (including cutie stuff for baby), so you’ll have some fun browsing their vast collection online.

Enjoy Alinea, and if you’ve not peeked in on Imeda lately, visit her blog while you’re out and about on the web today.

(images from alinea)

Posted in uncategorized on August 10, 2006

Creative Thursday

I just know that you’re going to love this.

Marisa Haedike, an artist and designer in LA, contacted me yesterday about her company, Creative Thursday. Marisa has had her hands in everything from furniture and bedding design to graphic and web design, however she decided to follow her heart back to painting, something she has had a genuine passion for since childhood. Seeing other painters with blogs featuring daily and weekly works, Marisa decided to start a “daily painting” blog herself, she sells small original acrylic paintings with new ones posting every week on Thursdays. But we’re just getting started here…

In addition to her paintings, Marisa has her own podcast show weekly called Creative Thursday “Looking at life through rose colored glasses”. She creates a mini “documentary” with each audio program. It’s all about living the creative life and going for what you want. I listened to Episode 10 “In the Beginning” last night and really enjoyed it; it felt like she was speaking from a script that I wrote – we have so much in common. I’m sure you’ll say the same thing after you listen in. It’s nice when you hear something that so closely relates to your own life, beliefs, dreams. Of course, she throws in tips and ideas that you may have never thought of, too. For me, the big draw here is that I love listening to someone speak some passionately about creative living and doing what you love, and hearing her positive words almost acts as confirmation that everything is okay. If you walked out on a very comfortable career to pursue your dreams (like me), that you haven’t lost your mind. You are simply living the life you should be living. I can’t tell you how good it feels to hear that on days when recruiters call my house looking for me, offering me some attractive bait to rope me back into the world that I came from.

Marisa is a creative life coach of sorts, that voice that will give you gentle push on days when you feel down. She’s the voice of reason that may be already in your head, but hearing it from her seems to make more sense. Please take a moment to listen in on a few of her podcast shows and let me know what you think. This is a new venture for her, so I’m sure she’s also interested in your opinions and suggestions.

(images from marisa haedike)

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