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Bodie and Fou + Flavia del Pra

Bodie and Fou is spotlighting Brazilian ceramicist and textile designer Flavia del Pra this month, her flamboyant one-off piece lamps, colorful ceramic tiles and beautiful butterfly place settings are packed with personality. In London, Flavia studied ceramics, but later returned to her native Brazil to pursue her passion – a career in textile design.

“With a number of degrees under her belt, including Textiles for Interiors at Saint Martins in London and Italian Mosaics at Diana de Colloredo?s Studio in Paris, Flavia went on to pursue her career in Sao Paulo. Alongside her commissions for retail interiors and accessories, Flavia created and co-ordinated an educational programme entitled ?100 Walls?, a mosaic mural which was acknowledged by UNESCO as a global reference of art-education for children and teenagers. Now back in the UK, where she lives and works, Flavia continues to produce handmade one-off pieces bursting with exquisite beauty.” Continue reading her profile here.

Featured in the August issue of Elle Decoration, Bodie and Fou is a website to watch, and Flavia del Pra is one talent to take notice of. Her works are stunning!

Psst: Don’t miss the lighting by Birgit Ostergaard

(images from bodie + fodie)

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coffee + cre8tive {aug 10 ’06}

Project Runway gave Michael so much air time last night, and when he won the challenge, I leapt from my sofa in applause. It was fantastic to see him pull together those hot pants in record time and he stayed true to his vision (the short skirt didn’t interest me). In the end, both he and his model rocked it. Michael Kors was dead on, when she turned the corner in that outfit, she commanded attention. It was sad seeing Bradley go home, but let’s face it, his personality was a lot more interesting than his designs. Who doesn’t know Cher, I mean, really! He just came across a little too relaxed in each episode, like he was cruising along, didn’t care about his fate, a bit oblivious to the fact that this is a contest with a lot at stake. Laura’s outfit was well made, I don’t even recall what Alison’s outfit looked like, Jeffrey’s take on Madonna was more early 1990s goth meets grunge than 2006 modern, Kayne’s dress wasn’t that great (I didn’t like the color and it looked too easy to snag), Uli is great all around – spirit, energy, design, personality, interaction with others, just beautiful), Angela is full of surprises (nice job), Vincent has a cute personality but his designs aren’t approachable (you want to run vs. wear them)… Did I forget anyone?

Your turn…

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Decorate on the Cheap with Everyday Items

For a moment, let’s pretend that you can’t spend a dime between now and your next payday, two weeks away. You are absolutely dying to add a few new touches to your space, to breathe a fresh breathe of air to your decor, but your hands are tied.

Wait. Are they really?

Why not think about what you already own and get creative. Challenge yourself to look at what you have differently. There are so many things in your space that you can use right now that will look brand new to you if used in a different way. Invite a few girlfriends over for takeout and ask them to walk your apartment with you, extracting things they see that they think would look more interesting if presented in a different way (or room). Most friends are happy to give suggestions, and sometimes their suggestions give you a new take on what you own. Recently I had a friend comment on some roosters I have in carved wood, they are French Farmhouse style (a style I once used a few years back) in red, cream, and black. The second she spotted them in my storage area, she grabbed one and commented enthusiastically, “If you don’t want these roosters, hand them over! I would love to spray paint them solid red or white and use them to support my cookbooks in my kitchen!”. I stood there with my jaw dropping slightly. This is coming from a very successful artist/fashion designer. What a cool idea. One I’d never in a million years would have thought of. Which leads me back to the point, others see things through their own creative lens, so give your girlfriends a go and have them over.

I recently rearranged some shelves in my bedroom, swapping objects from other rooms. The result? I feel more at peace and very content with the new arrangment, and the urge to shop for something new faded very fast by a simple rearrange. If you haven’t a creative bone in your body, grab magazines and copy their styling tricks. That’s actually how I learned how to style bookcases, I had the most difficult time making books on a shelf look interesting in my clients home. I could style anything, but books on a shelf, forget it, I was stumped. Magazines, coupled with my own innate sense of what looks right (or not), helped me learn how to style better in the beginning. Of course, after a few times you’ll be a pro at it and actually enjoy it as much as I do.

If you’re looking for cheap decorating tips for everyday items, visit Real Simple online because they have 11 helpful suggestions that prove handy for us all.

Of course, let me know if you have any tricks up your sleeve, too. We’d love to know how you save money without sacrificing style!

(images from real simple)

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Citizen Citizen Felt Rug

These felt rugs, both pure wool with rubber backing, will totally pimp your crib. We’re talkin’ rock star fabulous here. Hey, they may be $1,950 (sheesh), but they are quite original… I like the bold statement that a big black bloom would make in a room, and think it’s fun to see rugs that go a bit wild, venture outside of the ‘norm’ of basic shapes (circle, square, etc.) without getting childish (animal shapes, triangles, stars). I like a rug with a cutout in the center, it doesn’t lay quite so heavy on the floor. Being black, it would almost sink the room otherwise or look like a big ink spot. It’s perky, for black, due to the unusual cut.

But back to price, since they’re wool felt, why are these things so expensive? Okay, they’re chic and in vogue and on-trend and all of that, and I’m sure the machine they are using to produce it, must have been pretty expensive (I’m sure they had custom templates made). Despite all of that, we’re still talking nearly two thousand dollars. This is something my friends and I chat about all the time, pricing, what drives the market and why, how do you set your price? Chanel, Dior, Louis, we can somewhat get it… But if you’re not a mega brand, won’t you exclude a huge chunk of the market if you go to customers with very high prices? Anyone care to discuss this?

But I’m still a big fan of this rug.

(images from citizen citizen)

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