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coffee + cre8tive {aug 8 ’06}

I’m so eager to post today… I had a chance to interview a hot new Chicago-based Interior Stylist who has lots of juicy tips on how to better design your space — I know that you’ll totally enjoy meeting her, afterall, who couldn’t use a little design inspiration?

I’ll get started with some fresh finds that perked me up this morning from Fred Flare, the boys that always make us smile with their great eye for selecting colorful happy products. Sure, most of Fred’s stuff is ‘tweeny and maybe a bit childish even, but I think that’s the appeal… Goofy and oddball is sometimes exactly what we need because let’s face it, we all tend to take ourselves and our life a little too seriously sometimes. Fred helps us lighten up a bit. I found the hemline stationery set ($8), super smile letter set ($5), and mini piles of paper from one good bumblebee ($10), to be most adorable… And of course, nothing beats a good laugh, so grab a copy of Let’s Paint the 90’s, a coloring book where you can paint Kris Kross, the Titanic, Vanilla Ice, Barney, the Olsen twins, and other big hits from the 90s. For those who don’t want to go there, well, go there there anyway because it’s quite funny to look back (wasn’t that long ago) and catch of glimpse of what was once called the next big thing. Scary.

By the way, One Good Bumblebee has a limited edition of 50 prints of Little Garden, a digital collage by Katey Nicosia ($25). Have your poked around their blog lately?

(images from fred flare and one good bumblebee)

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Ashley Goldberg of Kitty Genius

Ashley Goldberg, also known as Kitty Genius, is a 25 year old rising star in the indie art scene, a creative young artist with simple lines, a stark color palette, and a cast of melachony yet hopeful characters of monsters and little girls that seem to love a warm scarf and a nap craddled in the arms of a tree. You can read Ashley’s bio at her etsy store, or you can follow her artistic journey on her blog, Kitty Genius.

Psst: Her art is also at the very fun Pixel Girl Shop.

Thanks Christine for another great tip today!

(images from ashley goldberg and pixel girl shop)

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Hau Hauz Finland

I recently discovered Finnish designer Satu Makkonen of Hau Hauz, known for her Scandinavian contemporary hand-screen-printed prints on linen. Organic in feel, it is no surprise that Satu was inspired by the natural world around her, Finnish and Scandinavian style and design, and of course, her Finnish roots. The least expected is that some of her patterns draw from exotic influences from the east, which she seamlessly merges into her Scandinavian design style for beautiful results. From cushions and throws, to handbags, purses, table linens, tea towels, kitchen accessories, aprons and more, I’m sure you’ll enjoy and find yourself inspired by her lovely collection.

Watch for her new textile collection, coming soon!

(images from hau hauz)

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MoMA Sale (In Stores + Online)

MoMA is having a fab summer sale in their NYC stores, but those of us not in the city can still reap the rewards online.
I like the wallpaper-by-numbers border by designer Jenny Wilkinson ($15), Koray Ozgen’s asteroid vase ($20), Danish designer Kirsten Trojel Fribert’s flower pillows ($40 – marked down from $125!), and pretty pastel bowls and spoons from Kazuhiko Tomita ($15-30).

When I was at MoMA a few weeks ago, I noticed that the clearance section was quite picked over, so even if I did live in NYC, I’d opt to shop them online since you’ll score a fresh new item in the color that you’re looking for. By the way, the flower pillows are MUCH more impressive in person than online – they are quite large, the quality is superb, the graphics are lovely, and overall, I know you’d be really satisfied with them. Just wanted to point that out since so some finds I write about aren’t nearly as interesting from afar as they are up close and personal.

Psst: Prices shown above are actually lower if you’re a MoMA member.

(images from moma)

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