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Just a little FYI to the locals, Massachusetts plans a SALES TAX HOLIDAY for August 12, 2006. If you’ve been dying to lay down some cash on a big ticket item (that amazing sofa you’ve been jonesin’ for), wait until the 12th…

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Apartment Therapy: Boston – On Its Way!

Yesterday, Apartment Therapy announced that Boston will be the home of their newest blog. Yup, AT:BOSTON is on it’s way in September, kids! I’m excited about this because the decision was made via polls Maxwell had on the site for weeks, and we were running neck to neck with Washington, DC and of course, the Pacific Northwest crowd had cast their votes, too. Both will have blogs in the future, but Boston is the next one scheduled to launch (257 votes!).

I think this says something about Boston as a whole. Not only are we a design savvy bunch, but we’re quick to jump when it means claiming our space. Boston AT:NY readers were voting their little hearts out and in the end, it won us a spot. It will be great to have AT:BOS in town, this city has so much to offer, and I’m certain that if we all work together to spread the word, the site can grow and become another well behaved AT child.

With more and more transplants relocating here for work, our trendy city with old world charm is attracting notice. We have a beautiful city, amazing coastline, and access to New Hampshire and Maine vacation spots. The potential for improvement and growth is obvious. Boston recently had a major NYC investor purchase several mill buildings in southie over near Summer Street (near the waterfront opposite the Boston post office main branch). He plans to rejuvenate that entire waterfront area with the charm of SoHo. Many other investors are placing their bets on Boston as well, scooping up property to restore it, especially now that the Big Dig is wrapping up. (At least we don’t have to suffer through that another 18 years of that.)

Boston – Apartment Therapy is coming – Are you ready? I sure am!

Read the AT official announcement here.

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DWR Studio Event: BOSTON Meet Vessel August 24

Located in Boston’s trendy South End at 519 Tremont Street, Design Within Reach not only features droolworthy furnishings for the home, but they host some pretty cool (free) events, too. I’m constantly watching their site for updates, and just last night I spotted something that I deem cool enough to share with the local (and tourist) peeps.

I’ve written about Vessel several times on decor8 (see their store tour here), so I was excited to read that the Vessel guys will be at DWR on Thursday, August 24, 7?9pm to discuss business and design. Here’s a blurb about the event below:

Join us at DWR Boston for a lively discussion of Business and Philosophy as we welcome Stephane Barbeau and Duane Smith, founders of Vessel, a cutting-edge product design studio based in Boston. Smith and Barbeau will speak to ?making it? as a creative person in the business world and how they incorporate elements of design development into their overall business practices. Additionally, Barbeau and Smith developed Release 1, Vessel?s conceptual arm that explores and pushes the boundaries of design philosophy. Refreshments will be served. RSVP to [email protected] by August 24th.

If something like this interests you, try your best to get this on your calendar and swing by. If anything, you’ll walk away with a fresh perspective and it’s a nice chance to mingle with the locals.

By the way, don’t you love their lina leather folding chairs for $110, available in avocado, black, or tobacco? Swanky!

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Mid Century Modern + Scandinavian Style: NEW RELEASES!

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of Mid-Century Modern: Interiors, Furniture, Design Details by Bradley Quinn (published by Conran), and for some reason, my pre-order on Amazon didn’t go through so I forgot all about this title until today when I was posting our new book of the week (Marimekko – it’s not a new title, but the book rocks – my review and photos coming soon!).

Anyway, I want to order Mid-Century Modern, but I’m thinking that I’ll wait for now since I’m trying so hard to cut my spending between now and Germany (we leave in September). I’d rather carry some cash over there since I know I’ll find plenty of spending opportunities, and with the Euro being so strong, I need to pocket all the change I can get right now. I know it’s only $19, but still…

Mid-Century Modern released on July 28th, and from the cover alone, I’m intriqued. I just love that bold wall hanging over that sweet credenza, don’t you?

Another book I’ve been watching, also a new release as of July 28th, is Scandinavian Style by the same author, Bradley Quinn (also Conran). It calls itself an international sourcebook that traces the design and interior traditions of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. It’s also around $19, so it’s quite a bargain. I can’t wait to crack open this title and draw in the yummy goodness. I’m sure the photos inside are a delight.

Does anyone own either of these? Interested in reviewing them for us?

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